Workouts from the Week (Sept 30 – Oct 6)

I do want to keep today’s post focused on my workouts but I will make quick mention of my son’s birthday with a picture of the birthday cake. There was so much celebrating over the last few days and of course, I made sure to honor his request of a classic yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting. <- kid after my own heart.

I’ll put together a post for later this week with the rest of the weekend’s birthday meals – I think I am still full!

birthday cake

Okay, just a few notes on my workouts from last week:

I ran 5 days instead of my usual average of running 4 — it just happened this way.

I ran one speed workout this week for the first time in a while. It felt great which was a little shocking to me as almost all of my running lately has been a super easy pace. Laura told me I’m able to jump into harder workouts easily when I want to because maintaining my general level of aerobic training helps me to maintain my speed. Interesting.

Pure Barre is still a little less than usual but I’m still not stressing it.  So long as I keep Pure Barre up in some way to maintain my strength as well as the benefits/results from Pure Barre workouts in general, I am okay with this.

Monday – 8 Miles

Didn’t plan on running this long, I guess it just happened.

Tuesday – 30 Min Run/25 Min Pure Barre (full body)

Wednesday – 30 Min Run/5 Min Pure Barre (abs)

Thursday – 30 Min Treadmill Run (speed workout)/Free Weights (Upper Body)

I ran 4 days in a row which is basically, totally unheard for me these days. Although, it’s completely doable considering all my runs lately have been easy. My legs are fine and full of energy, it’s usually my mood and mental interest in running that makes the ultimate decision about what I feel like doing each morning.

Raining today =  Gym day.

I didn’t run a specific speed workout but I can tell you that my warm-up mile came in around 9:10 and I was at 3 miles at 25 minutes. Somewhere in between, I was fluctuating as low as 7.0 and as high as 8.0 (I would say mostly around 7.6-7.7). I felt great, especially considering I can’t recall the last time I pushed my pace. Only when I went up to 8.0 did I really feel things getting hard, in terms of my breathing. My legs felt fine, I notice increased speed in my lungs.

Friday – 60 Min Walk/20 Min Pure Barre (thighs & seat)

Saturday – 7 Miles

Pretty sure this was the coldest morning of the season so far. I made sure not to overdress and wasn’t cold during my run, but after my shower, that familiar after-run winter chill was present for a bit.

Sunday – 60 Min Walk/15 Min Pure Barre (arms, abs, seat)

Have a great week!

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