Opening Night + My Baby’s Birthday + Stoney Clover + Friday Links

This week went super fast in a sense since Rosh Hashanah took up Monday and Tuesday. I’m not complaining because I’ve been excited for later today and this weekend all week.

First, for our sporting excitement:

Tonight is opening night for the Islanders (of course I will be there) AND it’s game one of the Yankees postseason. I’m the Yankees fan, my son is the Mets fan. Too bad for him come postseason time. HA.

Sunday is my son’s birthday. This little boy, who I dressed up in his Islanders gear for Halloween when he was two years old, is about to be 16. We will not discuss this fact any further as I do not know what to do with such a concept. Nor will we discuss that my baby will now, by New York state law, be old enough to learn how to drive my car. Insert deep breathing and maybe 10 minutes with a daily meditation app here.


How about we just look back at his sweet little face for a second. I love how he let me put the birthday king crown on his head on his first birthday. Such a nice little kid once we left the miserable infant phase. I ask him all of the time why he had to cry those first several weeks of his life while not sleeping through the night…for so very long.  He does not have an answer for me but finds my miserable stories from motherhood funny. That’s nice. I’m glad I can amuse him.

With his airbrushed Elmo shirt and jeans. Such a trendsetter.


Okay, maybe just one more picture…because…that face. Feels like yesterday. I mean, I still see him this way which always leaves me a little perplexed when he walks in the door from school – same face, same loud mouth — but SO MUCH taller.

He took the Barney ride at Chucke E Cheese so very seriously.


I’ll be sure to catch the birthday cake photos and other fun things from the weekend to share next week!

Stoney Clover

My Stoney Clover obsession continues to be strong. I finally narrowed down my latest small pouch combination (guava small pouch with guava glitter varsity letters). Now it’s time to design something else!

Stoney Clover small pouch

In all honesty, if I am not writing a blog post, it’s because I am too busy designing pouches on the Stoney Clover website. I can’t get enough. I’m a total accessories girl! So far I have a Stoney Clover crossbody bag, GLAM pouch, and the Meri small pouch, and the pencil-case below which I use for all of my lipsticks.

Stoney Clover pouches

I will let you know what else I design in the coming weeks. From what I understand, they will be launching some new products soon, so I am sort of holding out to see what will be released! I am already in the market for a mini pouch, the duffel bag, and maybe a large pouch. I don’t make my Stoney Clover decisions easily (so much to choose from!) but I am working on narrowing down ideas and finalizing purchases a little quicker. 🙂


From Charlotte Tillbury, I’m looking at the new Starry Eyes to Hypnotize Eyeshadow Palette and the Pillow Talk Diamond Lip Topper. 

MAC is by far my favorite brand for lipsticks and lip gloss right now so this deal at Nordstrom is enticing — Receive a cosmetics bag and deluxe samples of Strobe Cream (0.2 oz.), Prep + Prime Fix+ Finishing Mist (1 oz.) and a lipstick sampler in three assorted colors with your $45 MAC purchase. Online and in U.S. stores.

I love their Prep + Prime Fix + Finishing Mist so this is a great deal, not to mention the lipstick sampler.

Pretty sure I want the MAC Up Close and Personal Travel Size Brush Set at the moment. Such a great deal! Also considering a MAC Dazzleshadow Liquid Eyeshadow.

In skin care news, I ordered new sets of the Drunk Elephant Rise & Glow Brightening Duo and Nightbright Resurfacing Duo.  The duo options are great sizes at terrific prices, and the products last a few months which is great.


Love this pretty Crystal-Embellished Knotted Headband.

Thinking about a new pair of J Slides. This pair of wedge booties are waterproof which is great for winter.

I bought this Banana Republic Silk Cashmere Star Sweater and this cute Sherpa Hoodie. It’s so soft and actually cold enough this weekend to wear it!

Thinking about these Theo & Spence Zip Hem Track Pants plus this heart print sweater.

Have a great weekend!

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