Not A Normal Week In Workouts + Heart Walk

I wouldn’t exactly call this a normal week in workouts. However, at a quick glance, my workouts seem fairly normal.

And in some ways, they were. I mean, I got outside every single day with a decent balance of running, walking, and Pure Barre.

However, I know my workouts were not normal for me and my splits are missing from this post.

So here’s the deal.

I am not the type of runner who thrives on personal emotional situations to fuel my workouts.

When things are bothering me, I cannot run very well and have no interest in really sweating.

I have some relationship things going on in that I have decisions to make based upon obstacles ahead. This is the best way to describe it while keeping my privacy as I do not discuss my personal relationship here on the blog.

I wasn’t sure if I would run at all but what I ended up doing was starting with a run on the days that I thought I might want to run, knowing I would stop if I didn’t feel like running. I could always switch to a walk (I have really become that runner who loves to walk!) but sometimes, I do want to run. What ended up happening is that I found myself quite comfortable at a 10:00/min mile pace most days that I chose to run so I went with just that, in order to keep with routine and feel well in the process.

Some days were 30-minute runs, some days were longer. I expect to carry on the same approach this week until I figure things out and feel more like myself.

Monday – 5 Miles

Easy run at an even 10 min pace.

Tuesday – 60 Min Walk?

I honestly don’t remember but I think I walked for an hour today. I probably added in a few minutes of Pure Barre too but I didn’t write it down, so I totally forget what happened.

Wednesday – 30 Min Run/30 Min Walk/10 Min Pure Barre

brooks launch

Thursday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Walk/10 Min Pure Barre

Friday – 60 Min Walk/5 Min Pure Barre (abs)

Saturday – 60 Min Run/20 Min Pure Barre

Sunday – Heart Walk

Long-time readers may recall that I participate in the Long Island Heart Walk in memory of my childhood friend, Adam. Adam was actually the brother of my one of my best childhood friends, but he was my friend too. It’s still so very surreal and sad, yet always nice to see everyone when we do the walk at Jones Beach.

heart walk

It was a really nice day, if anything, a bit hot out there for September! Also, we are pretty sure we walked more than a 5K. I guess this is what happens when you start way ahead of the rest of the pack of people. We aren’t so sure what happened or if we missed the turnaround. HA.

heart walk

Have a great week. 🙂

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