Recent Meals Plus Fashion Favorites From The Week

Friday! Finally!

I haven’t shared recent meals in a couple of weeks so I have a few good eats from the week to discuss before getting to fashion favorites.

First, I tried the cauliflower crust pizza from Uncle Giuseppe’s. I don’t go out of my way to eat cauliflower pizza crusts but this looked so good that I couldn’t resist. I really liked it and honestly feel that if I told you it was simply a thin crust pizza, you would never know the difference. And certainly wouldn’t expect cauliflower to be involved.

cauliflower crust pizza

I was overdue for a salad from Chopt so I made a stop there yesterday for a quick lunch.


The original frozen yogurt from Bloomingdale’s with chocolate sprinkles. 🙂

forty carrots yogurt

Linda’s Fudge Cake! My friend surprised me with a big slice the other night. I have really good friends, don’t you think?

linda's fudge cake

Fashion Favorites

I haven’t done much shopping or browsing this week but I do of course, at least have a few links of interest:

You know I love a good bodysuit. How about this tie-dye one from Aqua? It comes in two colors.

Speaking of tie-dye, I think I’m getting on board with the latest headband trend. I like this one, also from Aqua, in the tie-dye pattern.

Matching tie-dye scrunchies set!

I love to dress up joggers. Here’s an example actually in the below picture. I wore the joggers with the Aqua short sleeve body suit and kitten heels (because I was in the city and wanted to be able to walk around a bit before dinner).

joggers with heels

While I do not have a link to the specific joggers in the picture, I like these joggers too, and any of the patterns would look nice with heels.

Also, this pair of joggers with the glitter side stripe.

Bring on the velvet for the fall season! Love the look of this velvet dress.

I have these star sweatpants in the black, but I also like the gray (from Theo & Spence).

LOVE this star print silk top, but it needs to go on sale.

Have a great weekend!

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