Trader Joe’s Stop + Recent Meals + Not Thinking About What I Eat


It’s becoming quite clear (isn’t it?) that I eat the same small variety of foods on a regular basis. Maybe they are combined a different way or served in a different restaurant — but it’s basically all the same. I know what I like, and I know what I want to eat,  it’s just a matter of where I am with what I may order in a restaurant or what I feel like cooking (or actually, not cooking) at home.

There was a time when I ate a wider variety of vegetables on a daily basis but I cannot keep that up anymore. I do not want to keep it up. My interest in food shopping along with selecting tons of vegetables to roast and prepare is at the bottom of my list of things to do. I like the way I eat now — in my opinion, it’s still nutrient-dense, balanced, and overall, healthy.

I don’t have to think much about my meals which is exactly how I like it. Devoting time and energy to food is just not a good use of my time. It’s not that I don’t care about what I eat or my health – I certainly do – it’s just not necessary for me to focus too much on what I eat on a daily basis. It’s intuitive at this point, and working just fine for me. Ever since making the switch to running less, my appetite is in such a better place. I’m never overly hungry, and I’m easily satisfied.

Here’s yesterday’s stop at Trader Joe’s for the basic necessities.

trader joes

Frozen blueberries for my daily oatmeal.


Organic Romaine lettuce (and the organic butter lettuce too, for my son).

Plum tomatoes.

An avocado.

Organic Chickpeas (I am going to turn into a chickpea soon!).

Watermelon (because I have no patience to cut my own).

Chocolate chips (Trader Joe’s has THE BEST chocolate chips!).

In other recent food news…

I had this salad at Wild Fig the other afternoon for lunch. My toppings varied slightly from my usual order at Wild Fig. I went with the lentil salad and no hummus (tahini on the side) because honestly, the prepared salads combined with hummus can turn my stomach. I’ve learned that it can be a bit too much for me, even if I like how it tastes while I’m eating it.

wild fig

We tried the new Greek Express located next to Trader Joe’s in Plainview. The owner is SO NICE and the food is great. I had a basic greek salad with a small side of hummus (and pita bread). Their hummus was so good!

greek salad

So Citifield now has vendors walking around with cookie dough. Stadium food has come such a long way, especially now that they not only offer cookie dough but walk around with it! However, I was in a salty mood over sweet the other night so I chose popcorn while at the Mets game.


My son may be 15 (almost 16!) but he still appreciates kidfresh frozen options when I buy them. I spotted kidfresh mozzarella sticks while at Target so of course I grabbed a box for us to try! He really likes them, and I tried them too — very good. I like the minimal ingredients in comparison to other frozen mozzarella sticks while still being decently sized and super cheesy.

kid fresh mozzarella sticks

My son is also on board with my favorite dinner. The whole wheat margarita slice from Mario’s with a salad made at home is just the perfect meal if you ask me. (Under the pizza is a salad with romaine, plum tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette).

pizza and salad

What have you been eating lately? Any meals on repeat?

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    Bravo to eating what you want to eat when you want to eat it! I don’t think there’s any special virtue to making sure that you eat brussels sprouts one night and asparagus the next, etc. If I lived in NY I’m pretty sure I’d have that margarita pizza at least 6 nights a week and never get tired of it. I’m drooling a bit over those feta triangles on your salad.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Eats: Mile Test EditionMy Profile