Weekly Workout Recap (8.19.19 – 8.25.19)

My week in workouts last week began with a trip to Marco Island, Florida. Travel workouts for me involve 30 minutes of easy gym time or a walk outdoors. I don’t always pack my sneakers when I travel but when I do, it’s never with the intention of completing hard workouts. Or even running. A few days away from the usual workout routine is totally fine. Also, if I am traveling, I probably had my hair blown out before I left. The last thing I want to do is sweat it up and ruin it.

I always like to run when I return home from traveling though! Running is my favorite way to return to routine and normal life. I may not run the mileage I once did but I’m still a runner in that running always recenters me and brings me back to my usual self.

Monday – Hotel Gym

I headed down to the gym for a 30 Minute incline walk on treadmill plus some free weights before getting the day started.

hotel gym

Tuesday – Walk on the Beach/15 Min Pure Barre

I was about to walk into the gym when I decided it was smarter to walk on the beach to soak up the scenery. Note the Saucony Kinvara’s in the picture. I really do not like to run in these sneakers but I have had them for years and find them light and comfortable for travel and walking.

walk on beach

morning walk on beach

After my walk, I had time in my room for Pure Barre. I combined three, 5 minute Pure Barre workouts (arms, thighs, seat) before getting the work day going.

Wednesday – 5 Miles

I did not expect to run 5 miles today! My flight landed super late last night but I knew I wanted to run this morning to recenter myself and get back to routine. I actually stopped Runkeeper at 30 minutes thinking I was done but then decided to keep running until I hit around 5 miles.

Thursday – 4 Miles (with 30 min workout in mix)

Another run extended at the last-minute! My plan was a 30 minute running workout. However, once I reached my planned stop at 30 minutes, I didn’t actually want to stop so I continued on to 4 miles.

Workout: 5 minute warm up + 2 x 10 minutes increased effort with 2 min recovery in between.

Friday – 40 Min Walk/25 Min Pure Barre (thigh intensive)

Saturday – 7 Miles

We went to the Mets game last night and got back home pretty late so I made sure to let myself sleep later than usual. I probably ran a good two hours later than my normal run time. While I had no problem running later than normal, the rest of the day felt weird because I kept thinking it should be earlier than it was but it was actually much later!

7 miles

Sunday – 45 Pure Barre

Have a great week!

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