Stoney Clover + Versed Skincare (Friday Favorites August 16, 2019)

And suddenly, it’s Friday! The good news for this week is that my son has moved on from drinking milkshakes to chewing some food after his wisdom teeth extraction last Friday.

I bought so many milkshakes this week that I was starting to be known at all of the local ice cream shops.

carvel milkshake

I missed my usual Wednesday post this week but really, does anyone think that I ate anything remarkably different from the usual? I know. I am basic and boring.


How about some Friday Favorites for today?

First, this quote is SO ME. I don’t even know of another quote that is SO ME like this one. The good news (before you think I am the ultimate rude person) is that I didn’t write this quote which means there are in fact other people out there like me who hate the whole hello thing.

I am friendly, I swear it. Just don’t bother me with a hello outside when I look otherwise occupied.


neighbor said hi quote

Stoney Clover

I am still OBSESSED with all things Stoney Clover.

stoney clover east hampton

I play with the Stoney Clover customizer tool on their website more often than I should admit. I am always trying to create a new makeup pouch or duffel using the wide variety of patches, and then I swap the colors, sizes, and styles — It’s addicting and overwhelming at the same time! So many choices!

I recently ordered this Stoney Clover GLAM pouch though. And good news — They have a “Stoney Clover Take Out” section of pre-designed pouches so you don’t have to make custom design decisions.

Stoney Clover GLAM pouch

stoney clover glam

Versed Skincare Update

Last week I reviewed a few products from Versed Skincare. I DEFINITELY love everything I mentioned in last week’s post and now really like the emergency eye mask. Let me know if you try any of the Versed products! I would love to know what you think.

And as far as fashion, just a few links for today.

I bought this Aqua Crewneck Bodysuit in the black. Wish it came in white.

Um, I paid TEN DOLLARS for this denim shirtdress. 

Not getting another pair but I do like these particular sneakers from Golden Goose.

And what about this Camo Convertible Tote? I came across it by accident and I think I like it.

Have a great weekend!

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