Workouts From Week + Time Outside + Milkshakes

A few things to note before getting to my workouts:

1 – Friday morning after my run, I took my son to have two wisdom teeth pulled! While he’s okay, we all know the pain of wisdom teeth extraction (at least I do, as I had four pulled when I was 16) so I’ve been busy taking care of him as if I have a baby again. When I was up with him at 4:00 am yesterday, it definitely reminded me why I did not workout as a new mom. I remembered just how tiring it all was and how much it would throw off any routine I thought I had.

Looking back, I would 100% approach my workout routine (or lack there of) the exact same way if I were to do it again. Please do not let social media fool you into having to be superwoman when the reality is, that just doesn’t work for every parent. Those early years go so fast, there’s plenty of time to return to your workout routine.

2 – I definitely want to be outside walking or running more than inside doing Pure Barre lately so you will notice a trend towards more time with cardio, less time with Pure Barre workouts. That’s okay, it all balances out, especially as I see the sun rising later and later which always affects my time outside for workouts in the morning anyway.

3 – I do really like the treadmill right now. While I am still naturally choosing to be outdoors when it’s sunny, I don’t mind when I am indoors on the treadmill. I get in great running workouts on the treadmill these days.

And before getting to my workouts, I figured you would like to see what we got from Smallcakes.

You should know that my son has had four milkshakes since Friday.

Two from Stew Leonard’s (Oreo and a vanilla), a vanilla milkshake from Carvel, and Saturday night’s shake was from Smallcakes. I had the cupcake pictured below and he had the cupcake shake (without the straw). To make a cupcake milkshake, they blend a cupcake of your choice into your choice of ice cream. He had a chocoholic cupcake (I think that’s what it’s called) with vanilla ice cream. He said this milkshake was his favorite of the four milkshakes, although he also said all were good. I think it’s so hard to tell when your mouth hurts BUT  I would have liked this cupcake milkshake the best too. 🙂


 Monday – One Hour Walk/10 Min Pure Barre

Gorgeous out this morning! After my walk, I combined two, 5-minute Pure Barre workouts (arms + seat).

Tuesday – 30 Min Run/10 Min Pure Barre

Overcast but excessively humid today. I ran the same type of run I’ve been running lately – fartleks throughout the 30 minutes. I actually thought I would have averaged out faster but I guess the slower sections were on the slow side (maybe from the humidity).

30 minute run

After my run, I chose a 10 minute full body Pure Barre workout.

Wednesday – 4 Mile Treadmill Workout

I ran today because I was due to wash my hair and figured that I might as well sweat it up if I’m washing it anyway!

Treadmill run  — Original plan was 30 minutes but I was at 3.6 miles at the 30 minute mark so I continued to 4 miles.

No formal workout to report other than a 10 minute warm up of 5 minutes easy/5 minutes alternating 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy. Following that, I ranged between 7.0 as my easy and bumping up to 7.5 – 8.1. I would call this a comfortably hard workout.

4 miles= 33 minutes. Whenever I run 4 mile workouts, I think of the 4 mile race I’ve run twice. First time in 2012, I remember crossing the line at 33:13. Today was faster by a few seconds even with a 10 minute warm up. In 2016, my finish time was 31: 37 (not adjusted, hate that).  Recap of that race here.

Thursday – 45 Min Walk/25 Min Pure Barre

Friday – 4 Miles

I ran quick before taking my son to have his wisdom teeth pulled!4 miles

Saturday – 5 Miles

I wasn’t quite sure what I would get outside for this morning as I wasn’t really sure how our night was going to be. My son actually slept okay (considering he was in a lot of pain during on Friday) so I was able to get outside for 5 miles. Although I think I was still tired.

5 miles

Sunday – Long Walk/5 Min Pure Barre

My son had me up twice at night so my morning started later (I went back to sleep around 5:30 am) and was different from planned. Originally I figured I would do a Pure Barre workout but my son went back to sleep in the den and I didn’t want to disturb him so I went for a walk instead. It was GORGEOUS  outside anyway. I was outside probably 90 minutes – walking while on the phone makes the time go so fast!

When I came home, I did a quick 5 minute Pure Barre workout for arms in my room since I had my laptop in there anyway.

I used 5 lb weights instead of my usual 3 lb weights – oh boy, I felt the difference.

pure barre on demand

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Are a fan of milkshakes? What kind do you like?

Ever have your wisdom teeth pulled?

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