Weekly Workouts + Running Phases

Some thoughts before recapping my workouts from the week:

I actually woke up wanting to run three mornings in a row this week. You must know by now that this is NOT a regular occurrence for me anymore! Two mornings in a row of running is usually my maximum but this week, I woke up wanting to run three days in a row, so that’s what I did.

It’s funny how I go through running phases. Like right now I’m mainly in the 30 minutes is enough to run mindset but then suddenly, I will bounce right back to a 5 mile run or longer without thinking about it. It varies like the wind with no rhyme or reason to the thought process.

I like how my routine happen so naturally. My workouts are totally driven by my mood on any given day. My mood may never return to the half marathon distance, but who knows.

Actually, my cousin did ask me if I’m interested in running a half marathon in Miami this winter. Um, not really? I don’t know? Do you need me to run it with you? I mean, running a half marathon down in Miami in the winter where it’s hot for the race while being freezing up here does not sound ideal in running terms. In fact, it sounds like it would be quite a running shock to the system. But maybe? I don’t know. Last minute decision (and desire for a quick warm weather vacation) is how this will happen.

On Saturday I paid attention to the time it took for my hair to get sweaty while running. It’s so hot and humid every day right now BUT it took my hair a good 25 minutes before it was sweaty while running. I wonder if one can judge a fitness level by the time it takes to sweat up the hairline? HA.

Monday – 30 Min Walk/35 Min Pure Barre

In the summer I find myself wanting to go for walks on my Pure Barre days. So for the most part, I choose the shorter duration Pure Barre workouts in order to have enough time to do both activities.

Tuesday – 30 Min Run/20 Min Cooldown Walk

It was HOT today!

30 min run

Wednesday – 4 Miles

I went out with the intention of another 30 minute run but continued to 4 miles. Still hot and very humid!

4 miles

Thursday – 30 Min Run/10 Min Pure Barre

It’s not like me to run 3 days in a row anymore but I felt like running so I did! After 30 minutes, I came home for one of my favorite Pure Barre workouts – the tone in 10 for seat & abs.

30 min run

Friday – 45 Min Walk/20 Min Pure Barre (full body)

Saturday – 5 Miles

Felt like 5 miles today! I enjoyed this run even though it was easily 80 degrees and very humid. I would have kept going I think had I not been short on time.

5 miles

I’m including my walk on the boardwalk in the afternoon as part of my workout for today. 🙂

Long Beach boardwalk

Took me a minute to even remember that I ran that 10 mile race a few months ago that includes the portion on the boardwalk! 

Sunday – Morning Walk/20 Min Pure Barre

It’s amazing how fast an hour goes by when walking. After my walk, I chose a 20 minute Pure Barre workout. The 20 minute Pure Barre workouts are always challenging, even though they are short in duration.

Have a great week!

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How quickly do you notice your hair getting sweaty when running?

What running phase would you say you are in right now?



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