Summer Meals + Back To Dirty Taco!

The burn on the roof of my mouth from the english muffin pizza I ate earlier this week reminds me that I have in fact had a few meals at home and that I don’t actually eat every meal other than breakfast at a restaurant.

Summer for me usually means less cooking and more dining out than any other time of the year. I am more than fine with this! Everyone needs a break from the kitchen, you know?

I captured some of my recent summer meals from the last week for today’s post so let’s get started.

Friday night my son and I went to Fanatico for dinner after I picked him up from the airport (and after he took a shower and I did some of his month worth of laundry — remember in Friday’s post when I said both of those things needed to happen right away?!).

He wanted to start with the fried mozzarella so I didn’t argue with that.

fried mozzarella

My usual choice of the veggie salad although I was pretty full from the fried mozzarella so I took a lot of the salad home and had it for lunch the next day.

veggie salad

Whole wheat vegetable slice from Monte! It’s not my most favorite anymore which I have told you before but it’s still a great choice.

whole wheat vegetable pizza

This is not a whole wheat crust but it is a great slice of vegetable pizza. We were at Woodbury Pizza but it’s no longer Woodbury Pizza, I didn’t catch the new name. The pizza is different but good and the actual restaurant looks the same.

vegetable pizza

I was SO HAPPY when my son wanted to try Dirty Taco last night. I’m telling you, the hype over Dirty Taco is real. The food is fresh and delicious and the service is very friendly. You likely have to wait for a table  but it’s worth it.

The naked taco bowl is SO BIG that I took half of it home to have for lunch today. The roasted brussels sprouts are so delicious but I can literally only eat a few before my stomach is so completely full.

dirty taco

Making some stops at Ralph’s Ices for dessert! This summer I seem to be deviating from my favorite candy bar fudge ices to the rainbow cookie ices instead when at Ralph’s Ices.

rainbow cookie ices

If you are in New York, have you tried Dirty Taco yet? What do you think?

Do you cook less and dine out more in summer too?

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