Weekly Workout Recap (7.22.19 – 7.28.19)

I don’t have a whole lot to say about my workouts this week. I ran a bit, did some Pure Barre, and walked a whole lot.

Sometimes during my workouts, I still think about why I used to run as much as I did. Like, did I want to run as much as I did a few years ago? I guess so? And now, I just don’t really care to run that much or that often?

I’m not good at forcing myself to do anything I don’t actually want to do so my assumption is that I wanted to run long every Saturday, and wanted to run the mileage I did during the week too.

Nowadays, I don’t always feel like running. Or, I only feel like running 30 minutes. Some days, I want to walk instead of run, even if it’s a Saturday when I would typically run long.

I know I’ve discussed this already, ever since making the switch to running less, but I just wanted to mention it again because I think it’s nice for other runners to read that I went from running a lot to running less and it makes me happy. It’s not something you see too often unless someone is sidelined with an injury. I made this choice on my own and the world didn’t end. I certainly didn’t gain weight, and if anything, I feel better (I didn’t even know though that I didn’t like how I felt until I stopped running so much) and happier (but I didn’t know I wasn’t happy so this is weird) with a calmer, more normal person appetite.

In other news, I am definitely a Brooks convert now. I did wear the Brooks Glycerin for a bit back in 2013 but then didn’t think I liked them, even when trying them from time to time over the years.

But I’m back.

My feet are very happy right now in the Brooks Launch!

brooks launch

I’ve been wanting to try the Ghost next, and now, I absolutely will just so I can hopefully have the new Brooks Vanilla Sprinkles Running Shoes! I never cared what my running shoes looked like so long as they fit well and were comfortable but the possible option of sprinkles on my running shoes? Yes, please. I like the men’s Rocket Pop version too. I’ll be talking someone into these for sure. 🙂


Monday – 30 Min Treadmill Workout

It was still a heatwave out there so running on the treadmill was most definitely the plan. Running more than 30 minutes though was not something I was interested in so I made up a workout (that I don’t recall enough to detail here) and finished 3.50 miles right around the 30-minute mark.

Tuesday – 54 Min Pure Barre

Flooding rains this morning gave me a good reason for a longer Pure Barre workout.

Wednesday – 5 Miles (outside)

I hadn’t run outside I think in a couple of weeks now but the heatwave is over so it was definitely more comfortable outside this morning.

I still think something is up with Runkeeper since getting a new phone. If I remember, I will reinstall the app. It’s definitely tracking the miles longer than before. At least I think so.

5 miles

Thursday – 30 Min Pure Barre/45 Min Walk

I wasn’t in the mood to run today so I swapped around my days and chose Pure Barre today plus a walk.

Friday – 5 Miles (outside)

Was on the phone for the first 2 miles then picked up my pace.

5 miles

Saturday – 6 Mile Walk

I went outside not really sure if I wanted to run today or tomorrow. Ended up with a really long walk!

Sunday – 30 Min Run/2 Mile Cooldown Walk

Hot and sunny but I can’t say it affected me too much – felt great considering it’s middle of summer.

30 min run

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