Whole Foods Stop + Fashion Finds This Week

My son comes home today! This month with him away at  camp his summer college program went fast, didn’t it?

I am very excited to have him back, but in that motherly sort of way. What I mean is, of course I am happy to have my bunny back home yet at the same time, I am already cringing from the immediate fighting over the volume of the radio in the car followed by the discussion of where to go for dinner tonight while I am saying I need to do all of your laundry and you need a shower before we can even have this conversation.

I made a quick stop at Whole Foods in anticipation of my son coming home. Although, I am not really sure what I bought exactly as there was zero structure or plan to the purchasing. The two jars of sauce are to help fill up the pantry I cleaned out. What they will go with in terms of a meal, I am not sure. Under the sauce is organic lean ground beef (already in the freezer because who wants to cook?), turkey, and american cheese.

Oh, and organic grapes. My son likes grapes and he probably needs fruit after being away for a month without me to remind him to eat fruit. That’s a lie. I did remind him to eat hydrating fruit during the heatwave last week.

Whole Foods shop

I have a few fashion finds to discuss today!


fashion finds

First from Target, I bought this Sleeveless Collared Front Button-Down Shirtdress in White from the brand, Who What Wear. I really like this shirtdress because the material is so nice. It’s a heavier fabric, sort of like a denim. It appears to run big but a bit true to size as the underarm area fits me perfectly and it’s not even a petite. I do need to wear a heel with this dress to balance out the length for me but I think it’s a great dress for work in the summer.

I was intrigued by this lululemon Here To There Dress so I went to the store to try it on. While I did like the fit and flare style of the skirt and overall look and feel of the dress, I did not like the top of the dress. It was, at a lack of better way to describe it, too athletic looking for me. Too sporty. My bra didn’t fit right with the sporty tank style and I certainly don’t want to buy a lululemon sports bra to make this dress work for me. They should have designed this dress with a built-in bra or something! Or, at least made the strap style of the tank not as…athletic. But, lululemon is, afterall, an athletic store so I guess finding an athletic fitting dress here makes sense.

Now, all this being said, if the dress went on a really good sale, I would reconsider it and see what I could do with it. But would have to figure out the bra part.

Anyway, I grabbed this Aqua Market Bag Raffia Tote on sale before it was gone.

I love PJ Salvage pajamas. Trying decide which new sets to get for fall. And for now.

Definitely need these USA Love Dip-Dye Sweatpants. I would wear them out, forget just around the house!

Note: These Gap Joggers are similar to PJ Salvage styles at a cheaper price.

This Alternative Athletic Hoodie is on major sale. Alternative fits and washes well so grab one before it’s gone at this price.

I wear these Alternative Camoflouge sweatpants like every day when I’m not wearing shorts lately with either a white tank top or white t-shirt. One time I did a pale pink and that was pretty too.

And from the Nordstrom Sale (I still can’t find much) but these beauty deals are worth it:

Dior Addicted to Glow Deep Glow Set – I’ve raved about the Dior Lip Glow products for years on the blog. Plus, this set includes the lip maximizer gloss which I am obsessed with. I wear it every day.

MAC Up Close and Personal Mini Lip Set- Great price and love the mini sizes. I am a big fan of MAC lipglosses when I am not wearing Dior.


Have a great weekend!

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