So Many Recent Meals To Share Today!


I’ve got a whole lot of recent meals to share with you today!

First, iced coffee. I can’t help but stop for an iced coffee from Dunkin almost every day. Time to break that habit and just make an iced coffee at home.

dunkin iced coffee

I enjoyed this delicious beet salad from Pete The Greek. I’ve had it before but need to have it more often. It’s a greek salad with chickpeas, beets, and other vegetables too. With a side of hummus, as well, which I like to add to my greek salads, usually in place of using the dressing.

beet greek salad

Dinner one night at P.F.Chang’s. First, the vegetarian lettuce wraps as an appetizer. I could have eaten this as my meal. So delicious.

lettuce wraps

And then the Buddha bowl. Always basic but exactly what I like.

buddha bowl

Here’s a random stop at Trader Joe’s for my essentials. I will have to do more regular food shopping once my son is home again.

trader joe's

I love a salad with a bagel. This is a chopped salad with a maple raisin multigrain bagel from Town Bagel. I LOVE this maple raisin multigrain bagel! Sometimes I buy a bunch to keep in the house.

salad and bagel

My weekly stop at Chopt for a salad! Confession: I’ve been stopping at Chopt more than once a week lately. I just cannot help but eat out a lot in the summer.


Joanne’s Gourmet Pizza in Roslyn has always been a favorite of mine. The thin crust whole wheat slice is so good.

whole wheat pizza

I had this veggie burger from George Martin’s Burger Bar. I ordered the veggie burger with a bunch of toppings plus a side greek salad.

veggie burger from GM Burger Bar

And finally, I met my friend for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Vegan Cobb salad was my choice in place of my favorite barbecue ranch salad.

vegan Cobb

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Do you eat out more often in the summer?

What have you been loving to eat lately?

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