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I’ve finally gotten my act together to recap my quick trip to Washington, DC, as well the rest of my time with Heather while she was here visiting New York. Most of this post is food-related but I’ve sprinkled some other photos too.

Heather and I met up in DC (I drove down and she flew up) before driving back together to New York.


we spend most of our time laughing

We stayed at the Conrad Washington, DC and I highly recommend it! The hotel is gorgeous and the City Center area, where the Conrad is located, is beautiful with lots of stores and restaurants.

If you can, definitely stay on the Sakura Club level at the Conrad. The food and service are impeccable and worth every penny.

The Sakura Club gives you access to freshly prepared meals at all times for breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, snacks, drinks, coffee, and tea. Trust me when I say we took full advantage (including the freezer of frozen candy bars!).

Before heading out for dinner, we stopped at the Sakura club for champagne and light bite. My plate was a mix of different types of hummus, pita bread, and salad.

sakura club dinner

Since we filled up a bit at the Sakura Club, our dinner at Fig & Olive was light. We ordered a few appetizers including this plate – what it is, I can’t recall.

fig and olive

The Conrad has a rooftop bar. Frose was in my hand.

conrad rooftop bar

The breakfast at the Sakura Club was fresh, beautiful, and delicious. I mentioned in my workout recap on Monday that I stopped into the Sakura Club for coffee before we went to the gym. While we had a Nespresso machine in our room (and complimentary bottles of water), the coffee at the Sakura Club was amazing. I forget what type of coffee it was,  but it was noticeably terrific and I discussed it with the staff.

We came back for breakfast after our workout.

sakura club breakfast

sakura club breakfast

A part of me wanted the chef to make me an omelet but then again, I am a creature of habit who lives on oatmeal for breakfast and so seldom eats an egg.

conrad hotel sakura club breakfast

We are more the shopping type than touring type but we had to go see the White House and other monuments while in town.

Here I am looking for the White House from the hotel.

conrad hotel


Nothing was funnier than us trying to get a selfie with the White House. There were some serious tourists with selfie sticks getting in our way.

White House

Of course, we took advantage of the lunch at the Sakura Club. Everything was so fresh and the options were healthy, catering to a wide range of tastes with plenty of options for vegetarians like me.


sakura club lunch

sakura club lunch buffet

I had a few plates like this one which involved several of the vegetarian options including a guacamole type of dish which was amazing.

sakura club lunch

There were plenty of desserts on offer at every meal but the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies were my favorite.

conrad hotel cookies

conrad hotel chocolate chip cookies

Once back in New York, we stopped for dinner at Fanatico. We were definitely starving after the long drive home! Pizza and salad (the salad isn’t pictured but looked just like the salad I had there last summer).

fanatico pizza

Shopping was one of the main activities during Heather’s trip to New York. Like Heather says, you just can’t shop in Florida as you can in New York. We had our list of stores to hit to ensure she covered everything she needed before going back to Florida.

heather shopping

Sadly, Heather also says that you can’t get pizza in Florida as you can here in New York. So like, I totally know there’s nothing like New York pizza (and bagels) and they claim it’s because of the water. But still, when it comes to pizza, why can’t Florida (or other states) make the same variety?

I’m really not sure why this is — a majority of the people in Boca Raton come from New York  – why hasn’t anyone thought to ensure the pizza varieties match what they are used to eating? Surely a New York pizza owner has opened up shop in Florida?

I always assumed one day I would move to Florida but if I cannot have my usual pizza, not to mention good shopping, how can I ever leave?


A mandatory stop for rainbow cookies too. Not easy to find in South Florida either. Geez.

rainbow cookies

Dinner one night at Prime with my other friends. Always a beautiful scene with delicious food.

restaurant prime

dinner at prime

sushi at prime

prime outfit

As kids, we grew up on Entenmann’s which, here we are again, can’t be found in Florida. Heather’s favorite Entenmann’s cake was the Marshmallow Devil’s Food Iced Cake so we had to stop to get it from the supermarket. Per tradition, we each grabbed a cake to then eat while laughing.

Before digging in, I did warn Heather that packaged cakes are not what they used to be.

entenmann's cakes

Unfortunately, she agreed and did not love her cake as she once did. But it was still fun to relive the moment!

entenmann's cakes

Bagel store stop for lunch before I took Heather to the airport. I suggested she bring bagels back to Florida (as so many people do) but she was already toting so much stuff that she declined the idea.

gabby bagels

While it’s always a little hard to get back into a routine after a vacation, summer does make it easier. The weather is warm and my son is away enjoying himself, so I am taking full advantage of my freedom, light food shopping, no cooking, and going out when I feel like it. 🙂

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Is there a specific food you can only get in your area? What is it?

Favorite Entenmann’s cake?

Have you visited Washington, DC recently? Where did you stay?



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  1. Tracy says

    Your girls trip looks like so much fun!
    So…we are seriously missing any good diners or delis in Palm Beach area but Boca down to Miami have a few. Although I know NYC has it all I am curious what can’t be found down here shopping wise (or online where I do the majority of my shopping!). Hmmm – definitely not obsessed with any of the restaurants near me but luckily my favorite place to eat is the salad bar where we live. An all you can eat salad bar with ALL of the fixings down the street can’t get beat! And on the weekends it’s carving station, salad bar, omelets, etc. all for less than $20. Best deal in town ( ;

    • says

      So the issue seems to be boutique stores like Denny’s. There’s the one Denny’s in Boca but that’s it. No Lester’s and no opportunity to really find all of the sleep away camp branded things (unless you hunt online but it’s nice to do it in the store with the kids). Also, we have a lot of boutiques like Ruby & Jenna, Vanilla Sky, Twenty5A (my fave) for clothing, just to name a few, which offer such a variety that you can’t really find online, and at great prices, rather than always Bloomingdale’s for example. I could use an all you can eat salad bar! We don’t have that!

  2. Tracy says

    I have 2 boys so luckily sleepaway camp shopping is a breeze for me! But was discussing Denny’s with a friend whose daughter just started. Can’t imagine what that’s like – all that shopping when half of the stuff may not come home lol! I am just asked to send absurdly expensive ping pong paddles!
    I remember the awesome boutiques from trips to NYC when I was younger and there was no such thing as online shopping. Will have to see if the ones you mentioned have online stores to check out!

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