Week in Workouts (7.1.19 – 7.8.19)

It’s been a while since my last post! 

I started this week in workouts at the Conrad Washington, DC hotel gym. I’m a huge fan of Conrad hotels and really enjoyed my stay at Conrad Washington, DC!

It wasn’t a shock to me to see that the gym at the hotel was really nice. The added touch of water and a towel on every treadmill was definitely noticed and appreciated.

Conrad hotel gym

I do not like to spend a lot of time on workouts while on vacation. You already know that I love 30-minute workouts so for sure, vacation workouts are always in that time frame.

Monday – 30 Min Treadmill Walk/Conrad Hotel Gym

Heather and I headed to the gym after we woke up (and had coffee from the Sakura Club – must stay on the club level for the food and exceptional service!) where I did 30 minutes of treadmill incline walking followed by some free weights.

Since Heather was with me, I had someone to take my picture. I’m not sure how bloggers/Instagram people keep up with fitness photos. Not a task I’ve ever been interested in and probably never will be.

conrad hotel gym Conrad hotel gym

Tuesday – 30 Min Run

Heather and I were back in New York this morning so I squeezed in a hot and humid 30-minute run before we began our day. Even though we were in New York at this point, it still counted as our vacation time. Spending time with a workout is not where we wanted our day to be focused. 30 minutes = perfect.

30 minute run

Wednesday – 30 Min Run

Another hot and humid run this morning.

30 minute run

Thursday – 30 Min Pure Barre/Morning Walk

Back to my Pure Barre workouts! Plus a hot and humid walk.

Friday – 20 Min Pure Barre/Morning Walk

I thought I might run today but ultimately felt like walking this morning.

Saturday – 5 Miles

Holy humidity. I slept later than usual which is not good in the summer if you want to run outdoors. If possible, it was more humid than it was all week! 80 degrees and oppressive humidity made the effort of this run not match what my splits were telling me, at all. I swore I was putting in the effort but clearly not getting anywhere. I needed to seriously cool down before getting in the shower!

5 miles

Sunday – Pure Barre/Morning Walk

Love a nice walk.

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