Pure Barre On Demand Issues + Weekly Workouts

A few quick notes before getting to my workouts from the week:

Pure Barre On Demand had issues this week. As you know, I have been using the Pure Barre On Demand platform for over two years (and taking classes/using Pure Barre DVD’s for basically five solid years now). I’ve never had an issue with Pure Barre On Demand until this week.

One time not loading would have been a random issue, but three times in one week when I try to log in and can’t? Not okay. It was especially not okay when Pure Barre didn’t put out an email to subscribers, didn’t respond to my email (I’ve sent two emails), and took a long time to then respond to my Facebook message about the situation.

Digital platforms with paying subscribers need to have 24/7 support. They also need to have web technicians who are monitoring the site (24/7) and if something is wrong, it’s only momentarily. In today’s day and age, for Pure Barre to not be on top of their platform for their paying subscribers is shocking, and unacceptable.

Trust me when I say, they will hear this from me in a really polite way. I love Pure Barre and am so grateful for the On Demand platform but I cannot have this happen again. It’s not fair.

In more positive news, I love my new pair of Brooks Launch which I mentioned to you in Friday’s post!

Who knows, maybe I will now become a Brooks convert and try the Ghost next. Back in the day, I did briefly run in the Glycerin but then switched to Adidas and hadn’t looked back – until now. 🙂

Brooks Launch Old Glory

Monday – 60 Min Walk

I went outside thinking I would walk 40 minutes or so, and then come home for a 20 minute Pure Barre workout. But, I came home to find Pure Barre On Demand not loading! I think this has only happened once in the past. I gave it a few minutes before not wanting to waste my time and headed back outside to walk a little longer instead.

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Okay, today Pure Barre On Demand is working.

Wednesday – 4 Miles

I don’t remember much from this run.

4 miles

Thursday – 5 Miles

My first run in my new pair of running shoes! So very happy so far with the Brooks Launch 6, especially their pretty patriotic pattern.

5 miles

Friday – 45 Min Walk/15 Min Strength

Totally annoyed – Pure Barre On Demand was down AGAIN! This has honestly never happened before in over two years of using the Pure Barre On Demand platform. But still. I was really upset when I got in from my walk to see Pure Barre On Demand wouldn’t load. I did my own quick strength workout but it’s just not the same.

Saturday – 5 Miles

It was almost 80 degrees and oppressively humid by 7:00 AM – it’s definitely summertime in New York! With only time for 5 miles today, I wanted to pick up my pace sooner but I was on the phone during mile 2 and 3.

I definitely feel strong in the Brooks and love the firm yet cushioned support.

5 miles

Note: I checked Pure Barre On Demand and it wasn’t loading today! Three times in a week.

Sunday – Hopefully Pure Barre

I am leaving this morning for a few days and hoping to squeeze in a Pure Barre workout. I checked the website and it seems to be working. So far.

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