Super Scaled Back Week in Workouts


I spent last week taking it easy after being sick with tonsilitis. This was the first time I needed to take antibiotics in several years — I think since maybe 2005?

I was not aware that running while taking antibiotics can put you at risk for injury to your tendons. Laura informed me of this slight risk and then I did some googling. You can read about it here.

I wasn’t really in the mood for running much of the week anyway so once I knew about the potential side effect of running while taking antibiotics, I didn’t bother taking any chances.

Monday – Morning Walk

I think I was outside for 35 minutes, just to move around.

Tuesday – 35 Min Pure Barre

My throat no longer hurts and I felt well enough to get back to Pure Barre, although I scaled back intensity during planks and core work at the beginning of the workout.

Wednesday – Walk/Run (maybe an hour?)

I didn’t track anything today. Originally I planned to try the elliptical as a return to cardio but it was gorgeous outside! So, I opted for a walk and figured I could throw in some running to test out how I feel. I think I walked a mile before running – I felt fine running but kept switching between running and walking because I was not in the mood for a true, cardio sweaty workout. I ran the last 10 minutes or and felt like more of a return to my normal self.

Thursday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Friday – 30 Min Run

First real run in basically 10 days since getting sick! I ran exactly where I felt comfortable. It was good to be back but 3 miles was more than enough. I think I walked for another 15 minutes before heading home.

3 miles

Saturday – Really Long Walk

I didn’t want to run again today while still on the antibiotics so I went for a walk. After an hour, as I was about to go home, my friend texted to see if I wanted to take a walk to Dunkin Donuts. It was gorgeous outside so of course, I said yes. Dunkin is a mile and a half from our houses so this added another 3 miles to my already hour walk for a total of almost 7 miles. I swear, 7 miles of walking feels more tiring after the fact in comparison to an easy 7-mile run! Time on the feet, you know?

iced coffee

Sunday – 40 Min Pure Barre

I’m hoping to get back into running more this week although I don’t really care how many miles or how often. Running less hasn’t really bothered me much at all. It’s nice to know that I can roll with life, running more when I can and feel like it, and scaling back when necessary or not in the mood.

Have a great week!

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Do you scale back on running while taking antibiotics? Did you know there was an increased risk of injury while taking antibiotics? Was I the only one not to know about it?!


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