Trying To Resume Normal Eating + Love Banza Mac & Cheese


I don’t have much to share when it comes to food this week. After being sick with such a severe sore throat/tonsilitis, I’m gradually getting back to normal eating and feeling like my usual self.

As you may recall from my stomach virus experiences, I tend to get stuck in eating patterns after being sick and feeling like I don’t want to eat/eat normally for me. Hopefully, now that I am better, I can resume my normal eating habits and not feel the need to avoid certain foods.

The problem is, my throat hurt so badly for so many days that I got used to thinking that I didn’t want to chew too much, didn’t want to swallow, and had to avoid anything that could burn. Throw in the antibiotics now, and I am barely hungry on a normal level for me. And when I am hungry, I am not in the mood for anything specific!

Anyway. I am doing the best I can and each day feels better and better. It’s nice to have a throat that doesn’t hurt!

I did have my favorite slice of margarita pizza at some point in the last few days. I cut it up and it didn’t burn so I was happy.

margarita piza

Over the weekend I went to Whole Foods to grab a few things. Slighting interesting in my basket is the Whole Foods 365 jar of peanut butter. I haven’t bought peanut butter from Whole Foods in a few years — I had stopped buying this particular peanut butter after a stomach virus because I couldn’t look at it. I told you I get nutty after viruses!

You may notice the Banza Mac & Cheese. I do love Banza pasta so I decided to finally try the mac & cheese. I really like it and definitely recommend it.

Whole Foods basket

I had the Banza mac & cheese for lunch mixed with the Trader Joe’s green vegetable foursome blend.

banza mac cheese

Other than that, I’ve been eating matzoh ball soup and basic chopped salads. Last night, I had a giant baked potato for dinner with mashed avocado and Trader Joe’s everything but the bagel seasoning. That was delicious.

I can hardly look at another cup of tea. That much I can tell you!

I haven’t returned to running just yet. I’m thinking about starting with the elliptical first, maybe today, and then run again by Friday. I will keep you posted!

Do you get stuck in eating patterns after being sick? How soon do you return to normal eating?

Have you tried Banza Mac & Cheese?




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