Nothing Happens If You Miss A Few Days Of Running (workout recap)


My workouts this past week were halted by the sore throat (which turns out to be tonsilitis) I developed on my birthday. In the past, I would run anyway but in my older age (hi, I am now 41), I am much more gentle with myself. Even if I think I can run because I don’t have a fever and feel generally okay enough for 30-minutes of easy running, I now think better of it because my body deserves some rest.

While I do mostly believe it’s okay to run at an easy pace if cold symptoms are mild and you don’t have a bad cough or fever, I also think it’s probably best and certainly can’t hurt to take time off to rest and feel better.

Nothing happens if you miss a few days of running. I think we all know that yet runners especially, just cannot apply this knowledge most of the time to their own lives. I know I didn’t for years because I’m fine! What’re 30 minutes? It’s not making me worse and probably makes me feel better!

But really, it’s just not worth it or necessary to me anymore to bother to run when something is wrong. If anything, I find the break from running to be rewarding in that I feel super fresh and ready to go once I get started again.

I honestly couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me this week. On my birthday, my throat gradually started to hurt pretty badly. I went to the doctor on Thursday because it really felt more painful than a normal sore throat, without a fever or cold.

The doctor saw nothing.

My throat continued to hurt and hurt into my ear by Friday night. By Sunday morning, I knew it wasn’t better so I went back to the doctor at which point he found an infection present in my throat, and referenced tonsilitis. Finally, acknowledgment of something clearly being wrong! This has been a sore throat like I’ve never had before.

It was such a gorgeous weekend but I tried to lay low. I sat in the shade for a bit both days this weekend to get some fresh air and sunshine.


I told the doctor proudly that I hadn’t run since feeling my throat hurt. He told me to take a few more days off before returning to running, which is fine with me.

Here is what my workouts looked like this week:

Monday – 4 Miles

While I would have liked to have run at least 5 miles, I cut things short at 4 miles – I was tired. I mentioned this in Wednesday’s post — if I don’t get AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep (at least), I feel it in the worst way.

4 miles

Tuesday – 40 Min Pure Barre

This Pure Barre workout was a new one which added focus to the mind-body connection. All Pure Barre workouts emphasize the mind-body connection but I guess this one was specifically designed to encourage you to really focus on the muscle you are working at the moment.

pure barre on demand

screenshot from pure barre on demand workout

Wednesday – 7 Miles (My Birthday)

7 miles for my birthday and Global Running Day!

I started kinda slow and find my groove when it was time for me to stop. Also, I stopped during mile 6 to chat with my friend when she passed me on her way to work in our neighborhood. We both remarked how I stopped to talk during my run  — normally I stop running for nothing!

7 mile run

Thursday – Morning Walk/10 Min Pure Barre

I didn’t feel so well last night (sore throat) so I went for a short walk this morning.

Friday – Morning Walk

Saturday – Rest

My sore throat went to my ear = not a great night last night. It was beautiful outside but I chose not to go for a walk in favor of extra rest to get rid of this thing already.

Sunday – Morning Walk with my Friend

My friend called to see if I wanted to go for a walk so I did, before going to the doctor to see why my throat still hurt.

Hoping for a much better week this week!

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How was your weekend? Anyone else sick?

Do you run when you are sick?



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