Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes + Birthday Meals + What I Bought


We left off on Wednesday with a bit of a dessert situation. All I wanted was a chocolate fudge cupcake and somehow I could not locate one. Thankfully, my dad saved the day. He showed up on my birthday with not only chocolate fudge cupcakes but hello kitty chocolate fudge cupcakes.

These chocolate fudge cupcakes are just like the cupcakes I would bring to school way back in the day to celebrate my birthday (same bakery!).

I was so happy. It’s the littlest things in life that make me happiest!

hello kitty cupcakes

My son made sure I received an edible arrangement for my birthday.

edible arrangement

Lunch with my friends on my birthday was terrific. We were trying to figure out where the time went since our kids were babies but let’s not focus on that because that’s a scary conversation. Instead, let’s discuss the vegetable salad that I love from Emilio’s.

It’s such a great salad. I’ve mentioned it before here on the blog.

The vegetable salad is served all chopped up in a tight pile.

Emilios salad

And then you break the salad apart as you eat.

Emilios salad

The chocolate lava cake came with waiters singing and one of those big sparkler candles.

chocolate lava cake

We went to Cirella’s for dinner. This did not go as planned as I really didn’t feel well. I’ve been fighting off a sore throat since being slightly sick a few weeks ago and then, of course, it had to go and break out on my birthday. By dinner, my throat really hurt to the point where I couldn’t swallow my food. I basically took the entire meal home.

Oh! My friend bought me donut doormat!! How much do you love it?! Did you spot it at Target yet? This is the same friend who bought me the I donut care mug last year!

donut doormat

And in keeping with the Friday trend of sharing some fashion finds, here’s what I bought this week, all on sale:

These Melissa Sweet Flip Flops. I love them with the gold bow and they are really comfortable in addition to being so cute!

I’ve wanted the heart flip flops in the beige/bronze for a while so I finally made them mine.

And this Alo Yoga Knot-Front Sports Bra (which is currently sold out but I’m giving you the link just in case they get it back in stock) fits so well! I hope you can locate it if you want it too.

Have a great weekend!



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