How Is It My Birthday Again?


Explain to me how it is my birthday again?!

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday that I was telling you about my 40th birthday weekend in my This is 40 post?! Shoot, that was a year ago now.

birthday brunch

My friends and I are all in agreement that it feels literally like yesterday that we were laughing like we never laughed ever before in our lives during my 40th birthday weekend celebration. And now I am 41? My 21st birthday was 20 years ago?

I’m walking around saying I turned 40 last year. Somehow that makes more sense than saying I’m 41.

cupcake candles

41. That sounds old. Although I say that about every birthday since turning 21. But now? Now I’m really like a real adult. Like a real parent. Well, I guess I am a real adult and a real parent although considering either of these as true statements seem comical.

I never think of myself as old and probably won’t officially feel old until my hair turns gray (have I mentioned I wake up grateful every day that my hair continues to grow in with color? Who knew this would become an achievement for me in life?) although on Monday, my age was starting to show. I didn’t get enough sleep (I need AT LEAST 7 hours, AT LEAST) so I wanted to die all day long. I used to be able to bounce back from lack of sleep, or at least perk up after a run, but not anymore. Running does nothing for me when I am tired. Tell me how I survived the first year of my son’s life when he nursed all night long and barely slept? I was 25. That’s how. 🙂


This whole I turned 40 last year of a birthday snuck up on me this year. I’m not quite sure what to do with it. I mean, last year’s birthday was so epic and slightly life changing too that today? What goes on today? Anything out of the ordinary?

So, I have some super fun plans in the works for later on this month which will involve celebrating my birthday. In the meantime, I plan to run this morning for Global Running Day, work (because hi, it’s a workday), go out for lunch with my friends, and then out for dinner too.

I’ve had some birthday meals so far though that I can share with you today.

Cheesecake Factory for my birthday is a bit of a tradition with my parents. We had the Thai lettuce wraps to start.

lettuce wraps

I went back to my barbecue ranch salad for a change as of late.

bbq ranch salad

Linda’s fudge cake looking all pretty for my birthday.

linda's fudge cake birthday cake

Last night we went to Morrison’s, a restaurant I haven’t been to in quite some time. I never had their veggie burger but trust me, I will be back again real soon to enjoy another meal like this one!

How amazing does this look! The veggie burger comes with cheese (I ordered it without) plus my favorite fried onion strings and a choice of a side so I picked one of their salads. It was like a greek salad and just so delicious all together.

veggie burger

We picked Morrison’s for a quick dinner as my way to be close to Smallcakes because all day, I wanted a cupcake for dessert on the eve of my birthday. My luck, they were basically out of cupcakes. Not one type of cupcake left that I would enjoy.

In my old age, I handle these dessert catastrophe’s better than in the past but geez, I was bummed. I ended up with this brownie from Emilia’s Bakehouse which was fine, but not a cupcake. I wanted a cupcake. I will find one today I think.


Are you running for Global Running Day?

Do you have a favorite type of cupcake or dessert you like to eat on your birthday?

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