Race Recovery Food + Salads + Current TJ Favorite


Well, I am sufficiently thrown off this week to know that today is Wednesday! Not only because Monday was a holiday but because I shared my race recap yesterday when I don’t usually post on Tuesday’s.


Wednesday. Food. Let’s begin.

After Sunday’s race, I had the watermelon I packed for the car ride home and then after a hot shower, I had some oatmeal with peanut butter, sea salt, and more fruit.

After I recovered a bit, I needed a bagel. Most specifically, a toasted bialy with vegetable cream cheese and a sour pickle. The pickle was key to my race recovery because I need all the salt after a hot race. I think some people shy away from salt because they think it will cause bloating whereas I’ve come to learn that my stomach is more bloated if I don’t eat enough salt (sodium) when I need it after workouts.

This meal was so incredibly perfect and delicious. Hit the spot like you can’t imagine.

bialy with veggie cream cheese

I had vegetable cream cheese on toast the next day too because I need to satisfy that cream cheese craving whenever it hits. My vegetable cream cheese cravings totally come as fast as they go. I’m over it now. 🙂

Later in the day on Sunday, we went into Huntington to walk around and have sushi at Kashi.

Ginger salad to start with shrimp shumai.

ginger salad

Followed by sushi with extra soy sauce. Soy sauce = Salt.


I like an AAC roll – Asparagus, avocado, cucumber. So simple yet so good.

veggie roll

In more regular food news, here’s this week’s salad from Chopt. Sometimes they put the piece of bread in the salad bowl, sometimes on the side. This Chopt salad actually has sweet potatoes in the mix which is not my usual. I barely noticed that the sweet potatoes were in the bowl if you want to know the truth. They were chopped up so small!


My son is on a Cheesecake Factory kick which is never an issue for me. I had the vegan cobb salad again but he had my favorite barbecue ranch salad.

Vegan Cobb salad

My current favorite Trader Joe’s item to report: The organic green vegetable foursome found in the frozen section!

I know this blend isn’t new (right? I don’t believe that it is?) but I grabbed it on a whim and love it. The green vegetable foursome, which includes broccoli, peas, french green beans, and zucchini quarters are ever so slightly seasoned which I didn’t even know when I bought it! Such a good blend. Definitely try it if you haven’t already.

Trader Joe's vegetables

Of Possible Interest:

Trader Joe’s Favorites For Runners

Trader Joe’s Favorites

What do you like to eat after a race? 

Do you have a perfect race recovery meal that you eat every time or do your race recovery cravings vary?

Anything new that you are loving right now from Trader Joe’s?

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    I typically try and eat whatever I am craving after a race, but more often than not it’s a burger, which is funny because I rarely crave and/or eat hamburgers. And of course, extra salty fries!