Long Beach City Manager’s Race To Remember 10 Mile Race Recap (2019)


Time to recap Sunday’s 10-mile race!

Long Beach

Pre-Race Morning:

Thankfully I get out of bed easier in the spring and summer than I do in the winter because I wanted to be awake a little before 5:00 am so I wouldn’t have to rush my coffee/water/oatmeal before leaving for the race. I need time to linger before getting out the door!

Based on my previous race recaps, I knew I had plenty of time to leave closer to 6:30 am in order to get to Long Beach, park my car, and walk over to pick up my number.

After grabbing my number and using the bathroom, I then ran an untimed warm up down to the boardwalk. I used the boardwalk bathroom (I like to go as often as possible before the race!), stopped at a few water fountains, and said hello to the beach.

Long Beach

From there, I walked to the start line which was conveniently right by my car. I had waited to put my hair up and took off my sweatshirt right before the start. Trust me, it was not cold (in 60’s by race time and 80 by the time I finished) but I like a sweatshirt in the morning.

Long Beach 10 mile race

The Race:

I put myself a little more towards the back than I would normally be at the start line, hoping it would help me to not start out too fast. Remember, in Sunday’s post, I said I was running this race but not trying to race it or anything like that.

While lined up and waiting, I sort of giggled to myself that I really had NO IDEA how to pace myself for this race. It was pretty funny.

The race started right on time at 8:00 am.

The first mile came in at 8:14. Not bad. Faster than I wanted but slower than my usual 7:30ish starts so this was good.

I remember during mile 2 thinking that I felt so great! But I also knew that it was only mile 2 and I was about to hit the boardwalk which tries to kill me during a race.

Once we entered the boardwalk, I tried to speed up between every other lamp post as a way to distract myself from the 2.2 miles spent on the darn boardwalk. No matter how often I’ve run this boardwalk, a race atmosphere in bright sunshine is really very challenging.

Long Beach boardwalk

I took this boardwalk picture earlier in the morning, prior to the start of the race

We exited the boardwalk during mile 4. I noted that I felt better at this point than previous races, but I was hot.

It was around here that I was running on my own to the point where I totally needed the race people telling me where to go at turns and things like that.

Why was I alone at my pace? I couldn’t decide if I was lagging behind the faster people or leading the slower people. HA.

Mile 6: At some point during this mile, I got a little mental on myself. I remember a quick thought process of telling myself that maybe I wouldn’t finish the race and would stop at mile 7.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to think like this! So, I quickly said – no, no, we aren’t stopping. If anything, just slow down to finish. You can finish 10 miles no problem.

Mile 8: Did I really think I was going to find speed in the second half of this race? Seriously? At this point, I just wanted to finish without being carried off the course due to heat. I remembered seeing that happen to someone towards the end of this race in 2017 so I know it’s no joke when I think it’s hot out there.

Mile 10/Finish: I saw the finish line clock and knew I would at least finish under 1:30, which I had never even questioned before the race started but did start to wonder about during the last few miles. The finish line announcer said my name and mentioned that I have a birthday coming up which was sweet.

It was SO SUPER CUTE of me to think I was going to go easy the first 5 and find the strength to pick it up for the second 5 miles of this race. Maybe without the boardwalk that could happen. Or maybe this race course in the winter that could happen but not this time of year. No way.

race splits

all 10 miles don’t fit in the screenshot, you get the idea

Overall thoughts:

I’m glad I ran this race. It’s nice to know that I can still run 10 miles, and in a race too. This race distance used to be a short long run for me, now it’s a bigger deal because 10 miles has not been a weekly, routine thing for me as it was in the past. But I can still do it when I want to and that’s cool. It’s not something everyone can do, you know? We just think it is because we are runners.

I grabbed water at EVERY water stop. There were many water stops along the course although I kept thinking that we could have used more. But then I realized that drinking more water may have caused a stomach issue so maybe it was fine.

I thanked every volunteer who handed me a cup of water. Sometimes I am really polite.

I wish all races had a gun time and chip time. If you aren’t the first to cross the start line, the gun time just isn’t accurate.

I like what I wore for this race because I was extremely comfortable. Aside from my Boosts, I found a random pair of lululemon running crops from years ago that I have hardly worn and paired them with one of the new GapFit breathe tie-back tanks. It was Perfect. Also, my sun visor is a MUST this time of year and especially for this literal NO SHADE race course.

running shoes

Running by the beach is extremely flat. Aside from the ramps on and off the boardwalk, there are no inclines. I kept thinking I could have used a little hill to gain some momentum and to take advantage of the speed of a downhill. Oh well.

I’m glad I packed my watermelon and sweatshirt for after the race. I couldn’t wait to get home to take a hot shower.

After some careful thought, I don’t think it would have hurt me much to have started out at my usual faster pace for this race. No matter what, I was going to slow down after the boardwalk. A fast start, even with slowing down, would give me a faster finish. I think. I am not totally sure, it’s possible I would have felt worse and slowed more than I did, but based on my previous races, it’s possible that it would have been fine. Something to consider if I run this race again.

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