Recents Eats + Favorite Pickles + Ralph’s Ices

It’s Wednesday already (is the week going fast or slow for you?) which means we are talking about food today!

Let’s start with some salads.

At Chopt, I ordered my usual but skipped the brussels sprouts and opted for string beans instead.  You know how the brussels sprouts can be hard on my digestion. I just wasn’t in the mood to feel uncomfortable.


This greek salad, which I take out from Greek Cove with a side of hummus and pita bread makes me happy.

greek salad

I went back to the vegan cobb salad at The Cheesecake Factory. It’s really so very good that I don’t even miss the onion strings from the barbecue ranch salad which is funny since in this post from last year, I said how off balance my life would be if I ever switched my standard Cheesecake Factory order.

vegan Cobb salad

Usual Panera salad order for lunch while working yesterday. Seasonal greens with avocado and hummus.

 panera salad

So. I’ve become exceptionally lazy as of late in terms of my willingness to cut up fresh fruit and vegetables. I find myself buying the pre-cut fruit for the most part, and randomly the other day, I grabbed the pre-cut peppers and onions too.

I’m not too disappointed in myself though for two reasons:

1 – I’ve put in my time cutting up melons over the years and deserve a break.

2 – I don’t eat as much fruit as I used to at one time so a giant watermelon really isn’t necessary. My son and I share the cut up pineapple and melon just fine. It lasts us long enough that I am not even scrambling to buy more until the next time I go to the store.

fruit vegetables

Have you tried these Organic Kosher Hot & Spicy Dill Pickle Chips from Trader Joe’s yet? You should, they are delicious! My son and I love them.

Trader Joe's hot spicy dill pickle chips

And I can’t conclude this post today without announcing my first Ralph’s Ices of the season. I had a craving for the rainbow cookie ices so that’s what I ordered, even though my standard order for like 20 years is the snickers fudge.

Ralphs ices

Are you good about cutting up fresh fruit every week? Which type of fruit do you like to have in the house this time of year?

Favorite Ralph’s Ices (or any type of ices) flavor?

Favorite type of pickles?

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  1. Mia says

    I’m so with you on lazy pre-cut fruit and veggies- I’m just in a phase of life where the easier food is the better. Also a big fan of takeaway salads- all yours look amazing! Avocado always makes a salad that much better, or good feta- or hey both!

    As for Ralph’s ices- golly that rainbow cookie looks so good, I’ve never tried that flavour as I always stick to rum raisin (I’m weird) cappuccino, vanilla (plain can be so good!) or strawberry- think it’s time I branch out!