Workouts From Week (higher mileage!) + 10th Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast


I know we care most about my Mother’s Day breakfast tradition but first, let’s chat workouts from the week.

A few things to note:

I was all about time on my feet this week. Going into the week, I knew I felt like running. Not so much about speed or workouts specifically, just about getting back a bit to my old self with some distance. Nothing crazy here and not exactly high mileage (I guess high mileage is really a relative term), but higher than my recent usual. It felt so good, too!

No matter my weekly mileage, I am pretty confident in saying that running 4 days a week is my happy maximum. Not sure how I used to run 5-6 days a week, every week. While okay, maybe once in a blue moon I may at some point run 5 days in a week, that will be a rare occurrence. 4 days, at most, seems to work best for me and feel right. It’s not too much, while not too little, and can be spaced out well enough that I only have to run 2 days in a row. I don’t really like running days in a row, which is something I’ve learned in the last year of running less.

I ever so randomly developed what I think was a (barely) 24 virus type of thing on Thursday. Out of nowhere, I had a sore throat and body aches. But that was it. I slept it off and then it was gone. No cold, no stomach virus type symptoms, no real fever. I appreciate my immune system, it very rarely lets me down for long.

All week I had intentions to run 10 miles on Saturday. The quick virus thing threatened to mess with my plan but I was completely fine even by Friday, so on Saturday, I did set out for 10 miles, knowing I could stop if I didn’t feel well. I was fine.

Monday – 7 Miles

I didn’t have to drive my son to school today plus the sun was shining early so it was amazing to get outside! In my head, I planned for 6 miles but still had a few minutes when I was done so I continued on for 7.

7 miles

Tuesday – 54 Min Pure Barre (arm-focused)

I say this every time but arm-focused really means a full body workout with extra emphasis on arms. So challenging but so effective in the results which is why I love Pure Barre so much.

Wednesday – 6 Miles

I definitely felt yesterday’s Pure Barre workout in my legs so I went easy, naturally picking it up a bit as the run went along.

6 mile run

Thursday – 3.25 Miles

Just an easy run, a little over 30 minutes.

Friday – 30 Min Pure Barre

Saturday – 10 Miles

I was looking for an easy run and ideally, 10 miles total. I aimed for 7 assuming that once I was at 7, I could decide if I was going to continue. Since my phone wasn’t at low battery yet (totally need a new phone) and I was feeling great, I went on for 10 miles. This run passed by so quickly!

10 mile run

Sunday – 10th Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast Tradition!

We opted for breakfast at the Premier Diner for the first time in a few years for our Mother’s Day breakfast.

It was raining which was actually a good thing because it meant we could leave slightly later in the morning and not worry about an early crowd. I think nicer weather would have brought more people out earlier in the morning.

premier diner

I always have to choose between the baked oatmeal and the whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes that I love. This time, I went with the pancakes.

whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes

The whole wheat blueberry walnut pancakes are served with eggs whites and bananas. So delicious!

diner pancakes

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and that the weather was better for you than it was for us. Relentless rain that isn’t letting up I think until later on tomorrow! Ugh, treadmill it is for me this morning.

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How has the weather been for your workouts? 

Did you eat anything super delicious over the weekend or for Mother’s Day?

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