Recent Salads + Banza Pasta + Usual Pizza


It’s already Wednesday! I hope the week continues to go fast.

Let’s take a look at some recent salads and other meals from the last few days!

There was this salad from Chopt the other day. We will not discuss the Islanders logo in the background. I am not ready to be finished with hockey season but I have no choice since the Islanders lost their series to the Hurricanes. It’s a bit of an adjustment period for me during the first few weeks after every hockey season  I’m just not ready for the season to be over, especially this year. It was a great season! I guess it’s time to move on to baseball and watching the Yankees now.

chopt salad

I had this random greek salad over the weekend. I say random because I had taken my son to the rink to skate but I was starving and needed something immediately. This greek salad did hit the spot although I am not sure why it looks small. It was not small, it was a decent size.

greek salad

Still making my usual salad at home only this time around, I used the veggies & greens salad mix from Trader Joe’s. I mixed the salad blend with romaine, tomatoes, chickpeas, feta cheese, and avocado.

lunch salad

Then there was this salad using the veggies & greens mix with romaine, asparagus, corn, tomatoes, Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger, chickpeas, and pickles. My son made fun of me for adding pickle chips to my salad. I told him the pickles made me happy so why I can’t I have pickles in my salad if I want them?

veggie burger salad

I’ve been enjoying the Banza pasta again for dinner on occasion. I find Banza pasta, made from chickpeas, cooks really quick and has definite pasta texture.

For sure, I recommend Banza pasta when you see it at the store — it’s high in protein and really good.

banza pasta

And of course, here’s my usual slice of whole wheat margarita pizza. I could easily eat this slice of pizza every single day with a salad for dinner without issue!

whole wheat margarita pizza

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Do you like Banza? Which variety do you buy and what do you usually cook with it?


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    I need to try Banza pasta! We eat pasta at least once per week and I like to mix up different types. So far I haven’t like bean pastas but that’s been a texture thing and it sounds like Banza has good texture.