Running Mood + Rainy Races + Workouts From The Week

A few things to note before recapping my workouts from the week:

— Remember in last week’s workout recap when I said I hadn’t been in the running mood?  That passed pretty quickly. I couldn’t wait to get outdoors this past week and the running mood is still a positive one for me today. Can’t wait to get outside this morning!

— Thursday night was interesting though. When I went to lay down, I felt a quick and extremely random spasm in my right hip/glute area which freaked me out and left me feeling cautious. I liken what I felt to the same feeling as when you pull your neck. Just when I thought I would run 10 miles on Saturday, I didn’t run at all in fear of hurting myself. I was totally better by  Saturday morning but did not want to cause an injury so I skipped my run to be extra safe.

— Yesterday was the Long Island Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K. I felt so bad for the runners when I woke up yesterday to see the relentless rain outside my window. A drizzle is actually great for running a race this time of year (better than bright sun for sure) but heavy rain? Not so much.

— I thought about some of the rainy races I’ve run and forgot about a 2016 10K race. That was a soaker.

And then, while this particular race wasn’t rainy, I remembered that I ran the 10K portion of Long Island Marathon weekend a year ago yesterday! Remember when I was on television? I almost forgot about this race!

10K race start on tv

^I’m sure it’s no surprise that I was wearing pink after sharing my favorite pink fashion accessories in Friday’s post. 🙂 

Okay, on to my workouts…

Monday – 5 Miles

I hadn’t run in a few days so it was nice to get outside and actually feel like running.

The first mile was slower than I thought it should be even though it was a warm-up mile but then I found a groove.

5 miles

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Wednesday – 6 Miles

I had a ton of pep to my step this morning which is interesting since I woke up with my period. Yes, you needed to know that. Sometimes, actually getting it feels better than the PMS days prior to getting it. Although there’s honestly no rhyme or reason for me – it really changes by the month in terms of how I feel AND I am always mindful during this time because I have been known to faint on day 1, and day 5, of my period, especially upon exertion.

Of Possible Interest: What Female Runners Should Know About Their Menstrual Cycle

6 miles

Thursday – 5 Miles

I wanted to run again today! Love when I am in the mood to run like this.

5 miles

Friday – 10 Min Pure Barre Arms/ 40 Min Walk

This was the morning after I felt that weird spasm when laying down last night. It felt better to move around but I was really cautious about it.

Saturday – 50 Min Elliptical

I felt basically all better but didn’t want to run yet so I chose the elliptical because it’s less impact. I can always run 10 miles next Saturday if I feel like it!

Sunday – 60 Min Pure Barre (focus on the seat)

I felt totally fine and probably would have run today if it wasn’t pouring rain.

Instead, I chose an old-favorite Pure Barre workout which I don’t think I’ve done in well over a year! I wrote a full review of this Pure Barre Pure Results workout WAY BACK in the day which features a heavier focus on the seat which you can read here.

pure barre pure results online workout

Also! Don’t forget about the Sephora Spring Sale! It ends today – here are my picks.

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How do you feel about running in the rain?


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