New Solarboosts! Plus Workouts From The Week

Well, I know last week was a long week when I look back to realize I bought a new pair of Adidas Solarboosts on Monday yet it feels like that was more like a month ago!

Adidas solar boost

I hadn’t bought a new pair of Solarboosts since last July! This is the longest I’ve gone without replacing my running shoes in years. While I did start to think that I needed to replace my running shoes last month or so, I was able to keep going because I do run so much less and rarely run longer than 8 miles. If I still ran longer and higher mileage, no way my shoes would have lasted as long as they did.

Other than new running shoes, not much else to report workout wise.

It was a weird week. I had extra time in the morning to run but I only ran twice. My mood for running was feeling fickle. It’s like this — I think I want to run, get dressed to run, get outside but decide I really don’t want to run. Since I can tell the difference between when I truly don’t want to run and when I just need to warm up to get in the mood, I knew not to push myself this week and just walk instead. I can’t really tell you how to figure out the difference for yourself when it comes to understanding when to push yourself, and when not to, it’s almost like you just know.

Nothing hurt me, nothing was sore or fatigued. I just knew, some of the days this week, that running just wasn’t what I wanted to do. No sense in trying to push through that.

Monday – 45 Min Walk/15 Min Pure Barre

Not sure what happened today. I thought I was going to run but ultimately didn’t feel like it so I walked until my phone was about to die (clearly I need a new phone) and then combined three 5 minute Pure Barre workouts (arms, thighs, seat).

Tuesday – 5 Miles

Sun was shining, the temperature was at 60 degrees, and I had my new pair of Boosts to wear for my run! It was perfect.

5 miles easy although I did think I was faster than this. I guess not.

5 miles

Wednesday – 45 Min Walk/20 Min Pure Barre

I was due for a longer Pure Barre workout today but didn’t feel like it so I went for a walk (it was really nice outside) and then chose a 20 minute Pure Barre with focus on arms.

Thursday – 6 Miles

It was sunny and nice once again, maybe a little cooler than earlier this week? I think around 50 degrees or so. I didn’t plan on running a workout or anything but I was surprised that I started as slow as I did as I thought I was moving faster. Overall, it was a good, easy run. I definitely could have continued which is nice to know but I had to get the work day started.

6 miles

Friday – 55 Min Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on thighs)

I hadn’t done this particular Pure Barre workout in a really long time! I once wrote a full review of this Pure Results workout which features an extra focus on thighs. It’s a great Pure Barre workout for sure.

Pure Barre Pure Results Focus on thighs review

screenshot from Pure Barre Pure Results Focus On Thighs

Saturday – 4 Mile Walk (I think)

Another one of those mornings when I start out thinking I am going to run, making it a little over a quarter of a mile before stopping to walk because I ultimately really do not feel like running. I walked untimed and untracked aside from the steps in my phone. Combined with a bit of running here and there, I think my phone said that I covered slightly over 4 miles. I honestly don’t remember exactly what it said.

Sunday – Off

I skipped a workout in favor of a breakfast date followed by going to round 2, game 2 of the playoffs.

Islanders playoffs

The Islanders lost and I do not wish to talk about it. Nor do I wish to discuss that the game was in Brooklyn.

I’m hopeful for a good run today. So far, I do feel in the mood to run. 🙂

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Which running shoes are your favorite right now? How often do you replace them?


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