Talking About Biggest Slices of Cake

I’m always interested (and quite often, amused) by the search terms which lead people to my blog.

Lately, it seems as though I’m getting all sorts of search combinations on the subject of cake.

“Is it okay to eat cake for lunch?” YES. If the cake is what you want, the cake is what you should have.

“Carbs in the cake?” Who cares. If you want cake, eat the cake.

“Should I count the carbs in the cake?” Um, no way. Not if you want to enjoy it!

You should know that I enjoyed this slice of Linda’s Fudge Cake the other afternoon simply because I had a random chocolate cake craving that needed to be satisfied.

linda's fudge cake

I think that the cake search terms land people on my blog because of my history of writing about how it is okay to eat cake for lunch. It is okay to crave cake and eat it. It’s okay to not think about the nutritional content (or lack thereof) in a slice of cake.

I’m waiting for a macros question about the cake to appear in my search terms. Although, a macro question probably won’t appear because I don’t talk about tracking macros as I do not find the subject of any interest < – Nicest way for me to phrase that.

I know I don’t talk often anymore about disordered eating and topics like that but my stance on the subject is still the same. Eat what you crave with an overall focus on a nutrient dense lifestyle. Fruits, vegetables, whole foods over processed when you can with cake or whatever you crave in the mix on a regular basis. It’s a good balance. A balance that shifts, adjusts, and changes but overall, I tend to think it’s a great approach.


On to my most favorite cake search term as of late–

“The Biggest Slices Of Cake!”

My favorite part of this google search might be the exclamation point! That was one serious Googler. They were not messing around as they searched for the biggest slices of cake.

With all of these recent cake search terms, I decided to look back at my biggest slices of cake and favorite cake moments that I’ve shared on the blog.

Pizzeria Uno

First, I thought of this slice of cake from Pizzeria Uno.

It was definitely super big even if the picture doesn’t display just how big it was. I’m pretty sure it’s the biggest slice of chocolate cake to make it to my blog actually.

chocolate cake

Linda’s Fudge Cake

There are MANY references to Linda’s Fudge Cake on my blog.

I mean, I’ve been writing this blog for over SIX YEARS now. Linda’s Fudge Cake is definitely a favorite of mine so of course it’s been featured over and over again.

I think the old version of Linda’s Fudge Cake was bigger than it is now. Here’s an old picture of the original Linda’s Fudge Cake. It used to be served on its side.

lindas fudge cake

The Cheesecake Factory gave Linda’s Fudge Cake a redesign, if you will, a few years ago. I wrote a post about it entitled, They Changed Linda’s Fudge Cake which has become a top 10 blog post search on a weekly basis ever since. Apparently, people are constantly searching to learn what happened to the old style of Linda’s Fudge Cake. At first, I was annoyed about the switch but now I’ve gotten used to it.

linda's fudge cake

linda's fudge cake

P.F. Chang’s

I believe this slice of cake is the wall of cake from P.F. Chang’s. Almost forgot all about this one!

chocolate cake

Cold Stone Creamery

Oh, and we can’t forget about Cold Stone Creamery Cakes!

I do not love straight up ice cream cake but Cold Stone Creamery cakes combine cake with ice cream — so extremely delicious!

This Cold Stone cake was from my son’s birthday in 2014. Who remembers it? I can’t forget it as I made the person at the store crazy with my instructions for the toppings that were both mixed into the ice cream and placed on top of the cake.

cold stone birthday cake

cold stone birthday cake

Birthday Cakes

I’ve shared many of my own birthday cakes over the years, which are always chocolate. Chocolate cake is the only cake ever to make it to my blog. The only exception would be a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Always chocolate frosting! Vanilla is just not allowed.

birthday cake

birthday cake

When I’m in charge of the cake for someone else’s birthday, the person receives a chocolate cake too. This one was for my mom.

birthday cake

And here’s another birthday cake for my son.

chocolate fudge cake

And if this isn’t one of the biggest plates filled with cakes, I don’t know what is! Remember this from my 40th birthday brunch?!


What is your favorite type of cake?

If you are a blogger, what are some of the most common search terms you receive?


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