Friday Favorites: Rainbow Cookies + Macaroons + Fashion Finds (flip flops!)

Anyone else thinking that this has been a super long week? Well, it’s finally Friday! Insert my happiness right here. 🙂

Time for some favorites.

I can’t write a Friday Favorites post and not include my Islanders. It’s a very exciting time around these parts for sure after sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins! I can’t wait for the next round to begin (although who am I kidding, playoff hockey stresses me out more than anything else in life).

I broke out my now-vintage Islanders jacket for one of the playoff games. I’ve had it since I was oh, like 12 years old. If only it had rhinestones or crystals to bling the logo.

vintage islanders jacket

Favorite Food:

I’m skipping over my usual mention of a favorite fitness from the week because I honestly do not think that I have one. I’ve run twice since Monday and completed two Pure Barre workouts but nothing is standing out as worth discussing today.

Instead, let’s chat rainbow cookies.

Who doesn’t love a rainbow cookie?! Well, imagine my excitement when I found that I had chocolate covered rainbow cookie cake bites in my freezer from Smallcakes yesterday. Yum.

rainbow cookie bite

I’ll be trading in my rainbow cookie cake bites for chocolate covered macaroons by tonight once Passover begins. I do love a good chocolate macaroon, especially if I keep them in the freezer. So delicious straight from the freezer!

chocolate covered macaroons

Favorite Fashion Finds:

Spring’s Most Lust-Worthy Shoes Are Naturally Gucci– Of course they are and of course, the three pairs of Gucci loafers that I have are all black. I wish I had bought a color back in the day! You have no idea how this bothers me.

Slim Glitter Flip Flop – NEED. Like absolutely need! You know how I love glitter! I also plan to grab a pair of the Havaianas Slim Flip Flops in the gold or pink.

I really like these knot slide sandals (looks like a bow sort of, more than a knot?) from Abercrombie maybe in the cream or the pink?

Also from Abercrombie, I ordered this cover-up in black (it’s on sale as is a lot in the store right now!)

Are you getting on board with the neon trend? Right here for real cheap from Forever 21 are neon jelly slides and neon jelly flip flops. Definitely, must-haves if you ask me.

Even if the neon trend doesn’t last, it’s cheap enough to wear it for one season. And if you get the hot pink, why not continue to wear it year after year regardless (well, if you love pink as I do, that is).

Also! I ordered this ruffle-trim bikini top from the Gap in both the black and the white. I have the matching black bottom from last year and can wear the white with either a black bottom or a different white bottom that I already have. It’s always good when you can mix and match.

Have a great weekend and a Happy Passover or Easter, depending upon which you celebrate!

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Are you cooking for the holidays this weekend? What are you making?

Have you bought new flip flops yet for this spring/summer?



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  1. Tracy says

    I host and do VERY simple things like chocolate truffles, roasted carrots, roasted potatoes and roasted green beans along with grilled fish while my mom and mother in law do the more complicated dishes! My mom makes a spinach, egg white, matzoh meal dish that I make her triple for me ( ;
    Flip flops are worn year round here!
    On the topic of running a half marathon – I run for my workouts but only for slightly over an hour. I was mixing it up but still looking for something different for my runs. A few weeks ago I started using the Peloton app – total game changer! The Tread workouts are amazing and would definitely prepare you for a half. I am OBSESSED!! Happy Passover!

    • says

      I wish I could wear flip flops all year! i just bought the hot pink slides from Forever 21 (linked in today’s post!) — I heard great things about that app, I really need to check it out! Have a very Happy Passover (sounds like it will be delicious!)