Playoff Hockey Fan Food Highlights (recent eats)

Well, I might as well make today’s food post all about our hockey fan foods as life right now is all about Islanders playoff hockey for sure!

On the way to the Islanders game last Friday night, we stopped for dinner at Piccolo. The main reason we chose Piccolo was for their bread basket which always includes a slice of Sicilian pizza. They will refill the bread basket as often as you wish which is an awesome added plus.

piccolo bread basket

I forget the name of the chopped salad that I ordered but it was terrific. The roasted peppers and mozzarella cheese gave it all the flavor and I ordered it without the chicken that is usually included.

piccolo salad

Flashback post: Here’s what I ate the last time I had dinner at Piccolo!

This basic greek salad counts as fan food because I had it, with a side of pita bread and hummus, while reading the sports section at my parents’ house. It’s nice to still read an actual newspaper sometimes.

greek salad

Sunday’s Islanders playoff game had a noontime start which is early! My son had slept by my parents Saturday night so the plan was for me to arrive by noon to watch the game and order pizza (and mozzarella sticks). On the way to their house, my son called requesting chips and dip so I quickly ran into the first grocery store I passed on my way.

game snacks

No picture of the mozzarella sticks but the pizza (from Stella’s) was so good.


For last night’s game which was in Pittsburgh again, my son had Chipotle and I had the usual salad that I make at home. I bought the mini ice cream cones from Trader Joe’s to eat as we watched the game.

hold the cone ice cream cones

This game was so nerve-wracking that I’m not sure how I managed to not hide in my closet (playoff hockey is really stressful!). It’s a happy morning here in New York as the Islanders did win and sweep the Penguins. On to the next round!!

Islanders sweep penguins

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Have I turned you into a hockey fan yet?


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