Pure Barre Love + Playoff Hockey + Fashion Faves (on sale!)

Happy Friday! Let’s get started right away with my Friday Favorites!

Favorite Fitness:

I’m all about Pure Barre this week. One of the reasons I love my barre workouts so very much is knowing that I can always get more out of the workout when I want it. You can always vary the intensity, and do minor position changes that create major impact.

For example, use no weights or light weights, or sometimes, go with heavier weights. For each exercise, you can vary your position to get your heels higher up, to squat lower, tuck harder, hold positions longer, straighter — all of these factors affect the level you are working at in barre. I’ve been doing Pure Barre workouts for almost 5 years and there’s ALWAYS more to get out of the workout and ways to take things up a notch.

Seriously, just focusing on getting heels as high as possible makes things incredibly challenging!

Since I started running less (last year), I definitely picked up my Pure Barre intensity. I have more strength and patience for working harder, rather than just going through the motions. This week, and especially on Wednesday, I pushed myself to use heavier weights for certain arm exercises, to get my heels up higher during thighs, to squat a little lower, and to really work on holding my lower leg off the floor during one section of abs. Here’s a screenshot below from what I mean. If this looks simple, it’s not. I don’t care how strong your abs are (because honestly my core/abs are strong), this is a challenge.

They always give modify options. For this particular section, if you decide to lift that lower leg while performing the exercises in this section of abs, you are definitely working harder.

This was a great challenge for me, especially after the first 40 minutes of the Pure Barre workout. But I did it!

Pure Barre ab work

screenshot from ending section of abs during Pure Barre

Favorite Food:

My whole wheat margarita pizza is getting really repetitive on the blog but whatever, it’s my favorite! And, yesterday’s slice was FREE because I had a five dollar reward to use. 🙂

whole wheat margarita pizza

Favorite Fun:


Fun Fact: The last time the Islanders had home ice for the playoffs was back in 1988. I was 9 years old and remember being at game one, sitting a few rows behind the bench. I also remember CRYING when the game went into overtime because I was tired.

I am still that little girl who freaks when the game goes into overtime but I try to control myself from crying because it’s 31 years later and I’m now 40 and my son would make fun of me if I broke out into tears over being tired.

The fans Wednesday night were the usual level of insane.  I couldn’t help but take a picture of the guy in front of me with a hard hat on. Every time they jumped up in front of me, this was my view. It was pretty funny. Still wondering what his hard hat was for though.

isles fans

Favorite Fashion: 

Good sales going on right now!

Bloomingdale’s is currently running their Friends & Family which means 25% off! Take advantage of everything Bailey 44 please.

I also started going through the Nordstrom Sale. Here’s what I found:

This Spiritual Gangster Hearts Crop Tank is so cute.

Free People Bodysuit – I think I’ve mentioned this one before!

Becca Socialite Ruffle Bikini Top! –Been on my list!

Love these Splendid Ribbed Tanks

Definitely, need these Chaser Glitter Star Joggers

My favorite 7 B(air) Denim Skinny Jeans in Black and look, 7 Side Stripe Ankle Skinny Jeans on sale too!

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    Pure Barre and free pizza. I’d call that a win. I started doing Pure Barre classes a few weeks and I only go once a week, but damn it kicks my ass hard AND I’ve already seen and felt a difference in my body. It’s intense, in the best way.