Liking My New Running Schedule! (weekly workout recap)

Happy Monday! There’s a little more pep in my step today thanks to the beautiful weekend weather and the anticipation of Game 1 of the playoffs Wednesday night for my Islanders!

After re-evaluating my workout routine and implementing slight changes to my usual running schedule, I was very happy with how it played out this week. I ran 4 days this week, splitting my runs evenly with 2 days during the week and 2 over the weekend. (I do not normally run on Sunday’s so that’s really where the switch is happening, and I like it!). While I know my schedule won’t always play out like this (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday) I liked this running routine and will try to make these days my run days, when I can. Weather, my schedule, and my mood may affect things, which is fine. At least I have an outline for what I want to do and then I can always adjust it accordingly.

Also worth reporting! There was a crazy uptick in google searches for “60-minute running workouts” showing up in my blog statistics this week. I actually couldn’t believe how many separate searches there were on the topic!

I don’t have a ton of 60-minute specific running workouts but I wanted to share a few that you might find of interest:

60-minute speed interval treadmill workout- Makes time fly on the treadmill.

Run by time tempo workout-  A little over 60 minutes but can totally be adjusted to fit your time frame!

Fun running workout – This workout is based on 8 miles but you can easily adjust it if you only have 60 minutes.

Okay, on to my workouts from the week!

Monday – 45 Min Pure Barre

I hadn’t done this specific Pure Barre workout in a really long time although I need to keep it in my rotation more often – such a good one! Super challenging but not in an impossible sort of way.

Tuesday – 30 Min Run

Can’t wait for the warmer mornings. Had to wear hat and gloves today and I am so over it!

30 minute run

Wednesday – 45 Min Pure Barre (upper body intensive)

Pure Barre upper body intensives still mean a full body workout, they just have an added emphasis on the upper body. I love these workouts because they are more intense overall, yet still manageable.

Thursday – 5 Miles

It was nice and sunny out this morning which made it easier to get moving. Still a little chilly but not too bad!

This run felt effortless which is a nice change from how I have been feeling. I think it’s been mostly mental lately but whatever the reason, it was nice to feel myself move a little faster without thinking about it.

5 miles

Friday – 30 Min Pure Barre

Saturday – 5 Miles

I had to leave to take my son somewhere fairly early for a Saturday but not too early that I had to run before I really felt like it. We know I now look forward to running later on the weekends which is a huge shift for my morning person personality! It’s not that I run super late in the morning, it’s that I really let myself linger much longer in bed and around the house on the weekends before choosing to leave for my run.

Since I was planning to run tomorrow, I figured I could run 5 miles in the time that I had today and then run longer tomorrow if I felt like it.

Turned into a nice, easy progression run which was not at all planned.

5 miles

Sunday – 9 Miles

Beautiful sunshine with temps in the 50’s! The weather was perfect. This was one of the runs where you forget you are even running. I wasn’t in much of a hurry so I appreciated being outside without really having a workout plan. Once I hit 8 miles, I looped a little longer (since I wasn’t super close to home) to make it 9 miles for the day.

9 miles

I’ve been running on the easy side for the last few weeks. I’m thinking I may be in the mood to get back to some speed work this week. We shall see. Have a great week!

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How is the weather by you? Is it getting warmer and nicer for your runs?

What time of day do you like to run?


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    Great week of runs, it seems like the new routine is working well for you! Sometimes a simple change just makes things feel fresh again. I always like to run in the mornings, around 7-8, and I’m really grateful my schedule allows that. I usually get work done before heading out for my run and feel ahead on the day!