Friday Favorites: Hockey Playoffs + Pizza + Adidas Fashion Sneakers

Who else is ready for the weekend?! I think I’ve been ready since Monday.

A few Friday favorites to report!

First, you should know that I’m enjoying the change to my workout routine. If you missed my re-evaluation of my workout routine and why I made some changes, you can read about it in my workout recap from Monday.

Playoffs are Coming…

While baseball season has started, I’m over here waiting for the hockey playoffs to begin next week. The nervous excitement is starting to get to me! As is my fear of the double overtime games. Gosh, those can get late, not to mention intense. Either way, I’m ready and waiting to see what my team can do this year.

It’s worth mentioning we were at the Islanders game against Toronto on Monday. Remember my venting post about the return of John Tavares? Yeah well, he was back here on Monday. And we still hate him.

islanders toronto

I always take my pictures during warm-ups

Vegetable Pizza

I want to call this slice of whole wheat vegetable pizza a favorite but it’s still feeling more like my former favorite. While I still like it and order it when I am at this specific pizza place, I find myself not loving it as I used to while I am eating it. It’s super packed with vegetables though, especially spinach under everything else, so at least the nutrition is on point.

vegetable pizza

Flashback post: Best Veggie Pizza On Long Island

Super Cool adidas Sneakers!

As you know, I’ve been running in adidas for almost six years now. My Boosts were never the prettiest running shoes but the cushion and fit have been like nothing else for me running-wise which is why I swear by them for my feet. In recent months, adidas has revamped their models, colors, and styles, making them trendier and more popular across the fashion and fitness worlds.

It sort of makes me laugh to see adidas trending if you want to know the truth. Like, I love a good trend as much as the next fashion girl but for my running, I don’t really care what my shoes look like, so long as they fit well and helped me to run happy.

For fashion purposes on the other hand, bring it on. In fact, the other night at the Islanders game, I spotted a girl wearing a trendy pair of black adidas which looked like nothing I had ever seen! They almost reminded me of a black version of the Miu Miu sneakers that I love, only the ones she was wearing were definitely adidas. I’ve since been scouring the internet to find them with NO SUCH LUCK. However, I did find a few cool adidas fashion sneakers that I thought you may like too.

adidas by Stella McCartney – Ultraboost Crisscross Grip Tape Sneakers – White with black, crisscross straps instead of laces.

adidas by Stella McCartney – Pureboost X TR 3.0 Sneakers – All white but unique looking.

adidas by Stella McCartney – Ultraboost X Sneakers – How cool are these? White with leopard bottom. Velcro straps.

adidas Ultraboost Knit Low Top Sneakers – I like the combo of the black and white. Not too black, not too white.

And, still loving these adidas by Alexander Wong with the ribbon laces.

Have a great weekend!

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Which running shoes are your most favorite?





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