Scaled Back Week In Workouts (running & pure barre recap)

A few things about my scaled back week in workouts before getting to the details!

I had run 8 miles last Sunday which shouldn’t be forgotten. Normally I run Saturday mornings so the simple switch to my weekend run day does have the potential to throw me off early on in the week in terms of my other workouts. I’m not totally sure if that’s why I was more tired than usual this week but it’s something I kept in mind.

My week was pretty scaled back in comparison to my usual routine. I was definitely due for a lighter week, it’s always so funny how it happens naturally. I wasn’t in the mood for anything long, serious, or strenuous, and took off completely from doing anything Saturday morning.

For the second week in a row, I ran yesterday instead of Saturday which is why I held off my recap for today. I saw the forecast in advance of the weekend, and Sunday was looking like a much better day. Normally I would have done a Pure Barre workout on Saturday but I truly didn’t feel like doing anything. So I didn’t.

Oh, and the picture below has nothing to do with my workouts but I wanted to share my pretty Red Mango parfait anyway. I had the parfait Saturday afternoon in an effort to cheer myself up after hearing how much money I owe for my taxes. Bleh. Since I already had my nails and toes done on Friday, this Red Mango parfait was the next best thing to quickly make myself feel better. Self-care at its finest!

red mango parfait

Monday – 4 Miles

Not much to say about this run. Didn’t have a ton of time and it was cold out there but at least I got outside.

4 miles

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Wednesday – 4 Miles

I wrote nothing down about this run which means it was uneventful.

4 miles

Thursday – 45 Min Walk

I was able to get outside before it started to rain! This was perfect because I wanted an easy day yet wanted to move around a bit before sitting down to work. When I say this walk was super easy, I mean my hair wasn’t even up in a ponytail. It was basically like a stroll through the neighborhood that I wouldn’t exactly count as a “workout” but I’m including it anyway since it happened during my usual workout window.

Friday – 30 Min Elliptical/Uppey Body  — Free Weights

Technically another easy day, if you ask me. It was raining so I wasn’t able to go for an easy run outdoors. I wasn’t in the mood for Pure Barre so I opted for 30 minutes on the elliptical in the gym with some upper body exercises using free weights. I’m not the best at specifically reporting my free weight exercises but whatever I did, did leave me sore Saturday morning!

Saturday – Rest

I knew I wasn’t running today because of the strong winds. When I woke up, I truly did not feel like doing anything so I skipped Pure Barre and lounged around before getting the day started.

Sunday – 8 Miles

Easy run in the sun! When I reached 7 miles, I still had a bit to go before getting home so I figured I could continue for a total of 8 miles. At my front door, I was at 7.65 so I looped around to get to the 8 mile total.

8 miles

Have a great week!

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How was your week in workouts? Run more or less than usual?

The best thing you ate over the weekend?

Is tax time a killer for you too or did you make out okay this year?



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