Friday Favorites (Denim Sales + Forever 21 + Makeup)


Happy Friday!

Before getting to the real Friday Favorites for this week, this image floating around social media always makes me laugh because it’s totally my life, especially this week. I simply went to the service department at my car dealer for an oil change and inspection and came out needing new brakes and ALL NEW TIRES. Of course, I called my dad to discuss the insanity before I let them do a darn thing to my car. As if my dad and I can conjure up a reason why they are lying to me or something. HA.

Okay on to the real favorites!


Friday Favorites

Bloomingdale’s is currently running their denim days promotion. If you buy two pairs, you save 25% and if you buy one pair, it’s 15% off. You already know that 7 is my favorite denim brand and I don’t deviate from that since their jeans fit me so well. I will DEFINITELY be picking up these black jeans which have been on my list for a while now. I try to wait for the sales so this is perfect! If you are looking for just one pair to live in, go with these.

In other fashion news, this Aqua Varsity Layered-Look Blazer is really unique. I tried it on and loved it but didn’t get it yet. It’s now on sale so I think I will grab it before it’s gone. It has a sporty look if you want it BUT you can remove the baseball zip layer for just the black blazer. With the varsity look, it’s like a cute jacket that you can totally wear for work or casual and then it also functions as a basic black blazer which as much as I despise the blazer concept, I can sort of get down with wearing this one. Plus I kind of need a blazer sometimes.

Also! My most favorite Bailey 44 brand is running 30% off with code INTHEFAMILY! I’ll let you know what I grab but everything from Bailey fits so well, has the highest quality material, and is so classic that whatever you buy, you will have forever.

From Forever 21:

Love this Swim Cover Up Mini Dress. I like it even as a regular summer dress, not just for over a bathing suit. Then there’s this Embroidered Swim Cover Up. If they have your size left, grab it. And OMG, how cute is this Smocked Gingham Mini Dress. It’s so me. Already ordered it.

Makeup News:

I ordered another refill for my Dior Capture Dreamskin Fresh & Perfect Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50. The refills are so reasonably priced and they last a long time. This is truly one of the best products I’ve ever used on my skin. I wrote about it in detail in this post. It’s the best everyday makeup and skincare product. Gives you coverage, SPF, won’t clog pores and has treatment in there too.

Dio DreamSkin Cushion

E.L.F. Makeup brushes:

I picked up a few E.L.F. makeup brushes from Target earlier this week. I’m always reading about how high quality their brushes are, even for such a cheap price. I mean, one dollar for this eye shadow brush?! You really can’t go wrong at this price adding a few to your brush set, you know?

If you missed my E.L.F. Skincare review last year, here it is. It’s one of my most searched blog posts every single day.

elf cosmetics skincare review


Have a great weekend!

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What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. Gabriella says

    Ok- so I have recently converted to #leggingsLife I just can’t wear jeans anymore! I either do thick stockings and a skirt, or it’s leggings- of many varieties. I’ve been a stick insect since I was a kid (teased mercilessly for it) and just never find jeans that quite fit. But your favourite kind do look super cute so I may be swayed! And Black jeans are definitely my favourite…

    Love your fashion highlights (and food highlights too!)

    Have a great week 🙂