Week in Workouts (running & pure barre recap)

Oh, hi! Hope you had a nice weekend.

I held off sharing my workout recap until today because I switched around my weekend workouts by running yesterday instead of Saturday. This typically happens when I try to keep my hair looking nice. I went for a haircut Friday afternoon and really didn’t want to ruin the blow out by running Saturday morning.

In the past, I was so routine with my workouts that a simple switch from Saturday to Sunday would feel all wrong for me. Nowadays, it’s no big deal. Like, okay I can just do my Pure Barre workout today and not ruin my hair, and then run tomorrow.

As for the rest of the week, all was good! I made it outdoors for all of my runs which made me happy even though my treadmill workouts had been going well for the last few weeks. There’s still just something about getting to run outside that makes me (and really, almost all runners) giddy.

Monday – 4 Miles (outside)

I was slightly short on time and annoyed about it too as I would have preferred to continue on to 5 miles. Ah well, what can you do?

4 miles


Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

New Pure Barre workout added to the On Demand menu! I always get emails from Pure Barre to let me know when there’s a new workout available. I really liked it. Actually, there isn’t a Pure Barre On Demand workout that I don’t like.

pure barre on demand workout

If you missed my post last week on the topic of results from Pure Barre, here’s the link.

Wednesday – 5 Miles

A little colder than I would have liked but I warmed up fast.

1 mile easy + 3 miles effort + 1 mile fartleks

5 miles

Running outdoors is different from indoors for so many reasons. Today I was reminded that my running effort outdoors is affected by those around me because I have to slow down according to dog walkers and cars, even when I really do not feel like slowing down!

Thursday – 30 Min Run/10 Min Pure Barre

I was thrilled to run outdoors again although I wasn’t sure if I would run 30 minutes or stay out for 5 miles. I ended up stopping at 30 minutes because I just didn’t want to go any longer and chose a 10 minute Pure Barre arms-focused workout before getting in the shower.

30 min run

Friday – 30 Min Pure Barre

Saturday – 50 Min Pure Barre (ab focused)

Sunday – 8 Miles

Initially, I planned to run 7 miles. However, once I hit the 7-mile mark, I realized that I was far enough from home to make it 8 miles if I wanted to, so I did. I mostly zoned out while listening to music during this run. It was great!

8 miles

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How was your week in workouts?

Are you able to run outdoors more often or still inside on the treadmill?

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