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I wanted to address two of the most common Pure Barre search terms that lead people to my blog literally on a daily basis.

Google Search #1: Pure Barre On Demand Review

My Pure Barre On Demand Review post is picked up each and every day. It might even be my most popular post right now! People are constantly searching for Pure Barre benefits and reviews of Pure Barre On Demand. I assume this is because they want to learn more about the platform and the workouts, before making the decision to skip in studio Pure Barre classes for the at-home version instead.

While you can visit my review here, here is a quick list of the top 10 reasons why I love Pure Barre On Demand. Note that many of my reasons for loving Pure Barre On Demand also correlates with why I love Pure Barre in general.

Why I love Pure Barre On Demand

1 – Workouts are always killer but in such a good way. It does not get easier, you just get stronger.

2 – You can select any workout length depending upon how much time you have and what you feel like doing (ranging from 5-minute workouts to 60-minute workouts)

3 – Access from anywhere

4 – I don’t have to leave the house!

5 – Wide variety of workouts to choose from (new workouts added all of the time!) – never gets boring

6 – Even with light weights (or no weights at all) strength and ability increases

7 – Instructors easy to follow

8 – I don’t have to think about or create my own strength workouts. It’s all done for me.

9 – Amazing strength training/crosstraining option

10 – As good as taking in-studio Pure Barre classes (in my opinion) and much, much cheaper!

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Google Search #2: How Long To Get Results From Pure Barre?

This is an excellent question and not one I address often, although I probably should. It’s crazy to realize that this July will be FIVE YEARS of Pure Barre for me. 5 YEARS!! It feels like yesterday that I started with a month of unlimited classes at the Pure Barre Studio.

I think that answering the question of, “how long to get results from Pure Barre?” is a tough one though. It actually pains me when I see the search term pop up (popped up again yesterday with a search of – how many Pure Barre classes until I see results) because there are so many avenues for measuring results, not to mention, people are always so hyper-focused on INSTANT results.

While there are so many factors involved in how long it may take to see and feel results and benefits from Pure Barre, I did want to try to address the question.

How long to see results from Pure Barre?

Well, what type of results do you mean? Strength, ability, weight loss, and/or muscle definition? The answers will really depend upon several factors AND how many Pure Barre classes you are taking on a regular basis.

The best I can do is break down my experience with Pure Barre so let’s start with that!

I was never the type to like strength training workouts and certainly wasn’t into lifting heavy weights. However, I understood that strength training is critical to a workout routine (especially as an avid runner) so I wanted to find something that would take care of strength work for me while enjoying the workout in the process.

I started with an unlimited month of Pure Barre classes. During that month, I went three to four times a week while also running high mileage (like 40 miles a week, on average).

Since July 2014, Pure Barre has been a regular part of my routine. I switched first to Pure Barre DVD’s and then Pure Barre On Demand, averaging three to four workouts the entire time. While I do run less now (more like 20 miles a week), I still keep up my Pure Barre workouts. Right now I probably do the 45 minutes most often but also throw in the 30-minute workouts, the 50 + minute workouts, and the shorter workouts too. All depends upon how much time I have on any given day. This is why I love Pure Barre On Demand — provides flexibility for my schedule!

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Strength Results:

I definitely did see results almost immediately in my strength, balance, and ability to run AND recover from running. Has Pure Barre played a role in the fact that I stay injury free as a runner? Highly likely.

Over the months and now years, it’s especially fascinating how strong my core and abdominal muscles have become since I started taking Pure Barre classes.

So while yes, I do think I saw results rather quickly in my strength, balance, and ability to run and recover, it is still something that continues to happen over time. It took a long time to really feel the difference in my strength and ability during those core sections. The shake was very real for a very long time — even now! Although I can complete the sections and notice the amazing difference in my strength and ability, Pure Barre classes never get easier. You just get stronger.

Weight Loss Results:

I can’t fully discuss weight loss results from Pure Barre because I do not use a scale. I also didn’t start taking Pure Barre classes to lose weight.

Pure Barre did exactly what it claimed it would do, which is lift and tone my entire body. While I was not after weight loss, I remember noticing muscle definition in my abdominals, legs, a little more in my arms, and definitely saw more lift to my seat, even as quickly as during the first month of taking Pure Barre classes.

Did Pure Barre make me long and lean like a ballerina? HA. No. I’m barely 5′ 4″. I’m petite, that’s not going to change. Pure Barre is not going to make my figure long, and I was already pretty lean if we want to speak the truth. It does, however, continue to noticeably increase my muscle tone and enhance the figure I already have while giving me crazy strength and balance that I didn’t have before.

Am I developing into one of those bodybuilding muscle-toned women because I do Pure Barre for years on a regular basis? Not at all. Can Pure Barre do that for you? I can’t answer that. It has not for me, I don’t think that’s the muscle tone goal here.

But can you lose weight from Pure Barre? My answer to that is, sure — if Pure Barre is causing you to burn more calories than before you started. It will increase your muscle mass which does help you to burn more calories but I think this becomes an individual result.

It’s important to keep in mind that diet plays a role in your results from any type of workout that you do.  As they say, you can’t outrun (or out Pure Barre) a bad diet. No matter how much you run or how many Pure Barre classes you take, if you are looking to lose weight but aren’t combining workouts with a nutritiously balanced diet, you aren’t going to see the desired results, at least not as quickly as you may wish.

I hope my experience helps others who are looking to incorporate Pure Barre into their workout routine. Pure Barre is such a part of my life. The Pure Barre benefits to a healthy lifestyle are huge. It makes me happy which is what a workout should do for you! Of course, we all want to see results but part of those results should be enjoyment. Keep that in mind when choosing your workouts. 🙂

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  1. Stephanie says

    I ❤️ pure barre! I primarily take in studio but like having on demand as an option. Would you consider a post about your favorite on demand workouts? There are so many to choose from!

    • says

      There really are so many to choose from! I can see what I can do to put together some of my favorites – I truly like all of them but there are a few that I can list out. I will work on it!