Whole Foods + First Aid Beauty + Fashion Faves


This post is slightly all over the place but I will try to make it coherent!

So I’ve been shopping at Whole Foods lately, more often than usual. Not totally sure why I started going to Whole Foods more regularly and I really just grab a few things but the few things I grab, we do like a lot. I’m not even going to Whole Foods for the food bar!

This picture of my basket isn’t clear of everything I bought the other day but I will list what I bought plus our Whole Foods staples below.

Whole Foods

Organic Garbanzo Beans: The price is the same as Trader Joe’s so if I’m in Whole Foods, I will grab a few cans.

Frozen Blueberries: Slightly higher in price (I think) than Trader Joe’s but I will grab a bag to save myself from going to both stores if I don’t feel like making two stops. I need my frozen blueberries for my oatmeal every morning!

365 Organic Shoe String Fries: My son loves these french fries, and so do I.

365 Organic Blueberry Mini Waffles: For my little boy, who is 15 but still likes his mini waffles the same as he did when he was three years old.

Purple sweet potatoes: Can’t see them in the photo but they were in my basket. I’m back to eating sweet potatoes more often after a year-long hiatus.

Organic Old Fashioned Oatmeal: I will buy this either at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, depending upon where I am.

365 Barbeque Sauce: WE LOVE IT.

365 Tomato Sauces: There’s a wide variety available, we like them all.

Organic Carrots with Ranch Dip: Can’t see it in the picture, my son likes this as a snack. It is packaged with individual snack packs.

Banza: I had to finally try the “pasta” made from chickpeas. While I am not a huge pasta eater (I was as a kid), I will say the Banza pasta is terrific if you want a high protein pasta substitute made from chickpeas. I do really like it and find it extremely filling.

I also frequent the Whole Foods prepared foods section when I am in the store as my son really could care less for what I cook, which is fine because I don’t want to cook anyway. I feel that the prepared foods are a compromise between actual take out and my cooking. Sometimes I get the organic rotisserie chicken or he likes their bacon turkey burgers. I also buy American cheese regularly, and then turkey from their deli counter for the weeks when he wants sandwiches.

Moving on…

First Aid Beauty

I recently bought this First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser and really like it! It’s great for sensitive skin and priced really well. At Sephora, they gave me a sample pack of First Aid Beauty’s facial radiance pads and I think I will end up buying them. My plan is to also try their eye cream. I’ve done some reading and it gets great reviews.


This is me, summed up in a quote.


I like to drink a Nordstrom latte while browsing the shoe department. I haven’t seen much though lately at Nordstrom, at least not in the store. And if I am being honest, the overabundance of friendly shoe department employees has been annoying me. I mean, sure, it’s great when there’s someone to help you BUT I do not need five or six shoe department employees asking if I need assistance. It’s overkill and annoying, and then I tell them all I do not need help when maybe I actually do.

nordstrom latte

These Adidas by Alexander Wang are still on my mind. Love the ribbon laces. I also haven’t forgotten that I want these Miu Miu glitter sneakers but I’m trying not to need them. Everyone is all about the Golden Goose sneakers and I’m over here like, aside from the slip-on mules sneakers, (which I couldn’t try on because too many people tried to help me), the rest just seem so basic already for the price. For less money, I always like Meline sneakers and, Vintage Havana has star sneakers now too.

On another note, I got really excited when I found this swimsuit cover-up from Target for super cheap. I’m definitely in summer mode already when it comes to shopping. I think I’m going to try this Ruffle-Trim Triangle Bikini Top from the Gap. I already have the bottom from last year. DEFINITELY going to love this two-piece ruffle bikini from BECCA because her swimwear fits me well. Here’s my swimsuit shopping mindset post from last year which is still pretty popular.

My favorite Splendid tank now comes in pink and this white tiered eyelet dress is pretty. I keep going back to it when I’m browsing online.

Also! Before I forget! My treadmill runs this week have been terrific once again. Can’t wait to chat about the details in my workout recap this weekend. 🙂

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Are you a Whole Foods shopper? What are your Whole Foods staples?




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  1. says

    Frozen blueberries are an absolute must! I’ve been curious about trying the Banza pasta. They need to open a Whole Foods here! 45 minutes each way isn’t bad, but I hate driving for weekly grocery trips.

  2. Sophia says

    Love seeing your shopping haul and notes on what you use things for- sparks inspiration for my list 🙂 My staples are similar, but also include dill pickle saukraut (so amazing- way nicer than normal saukraut oddly!) And a few other extras like pumpernickel bread, which I love toasted with avocado or cream cheese right now

    A latte makes shopping or browsing that much more fun doesn’t it? Or a hot chocolate on occasion 🙂

    Lots of love gorgeous lady

    • says

      It does taste like pasta! At least I think so. I am not a big pasta eater anymore but from my pasta experience, the Banza pasta is a terrific substitute if you want the pasta texture with better nutritional content. Let me know if you try it!

  3. Ttrockwood says

    Have you tried the lentil pasta at trader joe’s? It’s gf and really high in protein, i think it’s $3 for 12oz and much better than some of the much more expensive versions i have tried from whole foods. I’m buying as much as i can from the bulk bins at whole foods lately, most stuff is cheaper that way and i like that i can use my refillable containers (trying to reduce plastic and packaging where i can!)
    Otherwise TJs is my go to grocery, whole foods is just a few blocks away so i start there If there’s specialty stuff or bulk bin things i need to get