Friday Fashion Favorites

This week flew by in a flash. Seriously. It feels like it was just Monday, which was President’s Day. My son has been off from school all week and although that’s sometimes a struggle when it comes to balancing his schedule while working, it really hasn’t been much of an issue. The best part has been not driving him to school every morning (at some point this winter he talked me into driving him rather than taking the bus) so I’ve had a little more time to linger around before starting the day.

More time to linger means more time for browsing my favorite clothing sites. I kept track of some of my favorite links for today but there’s no method to my madness, just random browsing for what I think I need. 🙂

Friday Favorites

I mentioned this GapFit Breathe long sleeve t-shirt in Wednesday’s post. I am starting to think I may allow it to replace my Lululemon long sleeve Run Swiftly tops. The Run Swiftly tops that I have are easily 5 years old. As much as I have always loved them, they could use replacing and I really don’t feel like paying the price. This GapFit top fits well, is soft and stretchy, and well, may just serve the same purpose. The trick will be locating a GapFit top for summer that I like as much as my current favorite lulu tank.

Did you know the Gap sells barre socks?

Love the Snap Active Joggers in the gray from Splendid. And this cold-shoulder top from Sanctuary seems to be a cult classic. I want the white one.

I’m looking for a new pair of slides for summer — look at these Adidas pink glitter slides!

Still considering these Tory Burch Star Studded Leather Platform Slides. (in the cream color)

Obviously, my spending priorities are not on running gear as I get excited when I don’t need a new pair of running shoes and hold my money close when it comes to running apparel but then spend my time rationalizing the need for these Miu Trek Glitter Sandals and these Glitter Scale Metallic Platform Wedge Trainers.

And why can’t Gucci make an Islanders slide like these slides for the Yankees? I mean, I do love the Yankees but would prefer an Islanders logo if I am going to pay this price. No offense to my favorite baseball team or anything.

Much cheaper are these Steve Madden Erin Sandals. I want a pair of heels like this for summer which has the transparent top on the foot. I also like these heels in the transparent/nude.

Black jeans. I need black jeans and this is the ONLY brand I will buy because they fit so well and make me super happy when wearing them. Oh look, they have them in pink for spring!

It’s a matter of days until this Bailey 44 dress is mine.

Two off the shoulder dresses for the summer, one in a pretty deep pink and a different one from a different brand in navy.

And that’s it for today. Have a great weekend!

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What are you currently shopping for?


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