I Ran 10 Miles Yesterday! (weekly workout recap)

I ran 10 miles yesterday! Actually, 10.22 miles if we want to count the cooldown to my front door. IT FELT SO GOOD. Fresh air, right above freezing, with lots of sunshine. PERFECT.

Why did I decide to run 10 yesterday? The answer is simple.

The sun was out, I had the time, and I wanted to run longer. So I did.

It’s nice for me to know that as a runner, I can stop running longer distances but then come back when I want to as if I never stopped. While 10 miles may not be a lot when you consider how much longer you used to run or in comparison to the distance that other distance runners run, 10 miles is still 10 miles. It’s double 5 miles, and a lot more than 3 miles. It’s like the perfect long run distance if you want to run more than an hour but not much more than an hour (assuming you aren’t an insanely fast runner who runs 10 miles in an hour).

It felt so terrific to be outside during that time and honestly, it was very simple to do. I don’t run beyond 7 miles often AT ALL anymore but when I feel like it, I can without issue. No need for gel, no adjustment to the routine. Just taking the time to run longer when I feel like it is all that I need.

My blog is telling me that the last time I ran 10 miles was back in October. I wonder if I will wait another few months before I decide I want to run longer again — I can’t even answer that. All depends on my mood!

Otherwise going forward, I do want to get back to speed work. I had been so good about it and then I stopped running workouts. Maybe this week!

Monday – 5 Miles (outside)

It was 32 degrees and cloudy but no wind or precipitation so this was great! Nothing strategic here, just a run. I was surprised to see I slowed so much in the last mile but then remembered I was playing with my music until I found a song I liked.

5 miles

Tuesday – 30 Min Yoga

I needed more a stretch day than anything else so I chose this 30-minute yoga practice.  I really liked it even though it was more challenging than the typical yoga practices I do. It was actually a lot like many of the poses from Pure Barre! I felt right at home.

Wednesday – 5 Miles (outside)

I was pretty tired but started to wake up towards the end of the run.

5 miles

Thursday – 45 Min Pure Barre

Friday – 45 Min Walk

There was a point during this walk when I started to run, thinking I would just run easy (as to not sweat up my hair)  but then I needed to answers some texts and make a phone call so I stopped running and switched back to walking, knowing I could run tomorrow.

Saturday – 10 Miles

THIS WAS JUST SO PERFECT. I had the 10-mile idea in my head when I started and figured I would see how I felt. My initial plan was to pick up my pace for the last 5 miles but then my phone rang and I wanted to chat so I spoke for 3 miles and then picked it up a bit again for the last 2 miles when I was off the phone.

10 miles

Sunday – Pure Barre

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How were your workouts this week? Were you able to run outside?

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