Friday Favorites February 1, 2019

Oh, hi Friday and first of February! Nice to see you.

Listing a few favorites for today – have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites

I will talk more about my renewed interest in Yoga in my workout recap (either Sunday or Monday) but for now, it’s worth noting that I reacquainted myself with the website, Do Yoga With Me. Longtime readers may recall that I bounced around with using this website a few years ago. While yoga is not totally my thing, I do, at times, appreciate the beginner practices from this site. Most of the practices on this site are free and definitely worth checking out if you want to do some yoga from home. The Yoga For Runners series was always a favorite of mine. In fact, I’ve had the pre-run practice basically memorized since I started doing it years ago and often do it on my own to stretch before a run.

Yes, You Can Wear Sweatpants To Work, Here’s How – I just made your day, didn’t I?! Totally down with the dressing up joggers trend. I’ve pulled off the joggers with heels look for work things and LOVE IT.

I feel like giving a shout out to my favorite hairbrush. I really do love my hairbrush so much! It’s like an instant boost of shine and perfection to your hair every time you brush it with a Mason Pearson (at least for straight hair like mine). One can complain about the price but I think it’s worth every penny, especially since I’ve only ever had two Mason Pearson hairbrushes in my lifetime. I’ve been using the same Mason Pearson hairbrush since I’m twenty and have no plans on replacing it yet.

So Bloomingdale’s is getting clever with their email marketing techniques. As if this subject line is going to convince me that I need to shop based upon them saying I need the items in my life?! Trust me, I don’t need the extra encouragement.


Everything I am browsing is on sale which is a major plus!

I like the looks of this Chaser Frayed Bell Sleeve Jacket.

And oh, how cute are these Sanctuary Camo Cargo Joggers. Cute for work!

Killing myself over the sale price of my favorite jacket. You need it if they have your size left! I have been wearing this jacket more than any other coat this season and love that I have an option as to which side of the jacket to wear! The “teddy bear” side in the pink is my favorite right now although I do love the green side too. Sometimes, I wear both sides in one day which makes me feel as though I changed my jacket. HA.

LOVE this collared bodysuit from Bailey 44. Definitely getting it now that it’s on sale. I had tried it on in black but I like the white too!

How pretty is this bright pink Splendid Distressed Sweater?! And this Aqua velvet jacket is on sale for a super great price.

Last but not least, if you haven’t bought my favorite 7 jeans in the destroyed style, they are on sale for $99 right now. More comfortable than sweats, I swear it!

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Anyone else use the site Do Yoga With Me?

What are you currently shopping for right now?

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    Do Yoga with Me got me into yoga after I took some in person classes. I did Fightmaster Yoga for awhile, but lately, I’ve liked the calmness of Yoga with Adriene. It’s nice that there are different types of yoga for different seasons of life. Yoga as a whole, though, has been very helpful for maintaining mind/body integration and cultivating times of calm.

  2. says

    The satin joggers are amazing. I’d rock those happily.

    I always say you should divide the cost of something by the number of times you’ll use it. Often times, you realize quality products are a bargain.