Running Story + Workouts From The Week

I held off sharing my workouts until today because I ran yesterday instead of Saturday. My intention was to run on the treadmill Saturday morning but I woke up completely not in the mood and I certainly wasn’t running outside because it was too cold for me.  Sunday’s forecast was sunny and above freezing < – weather I can handle this time of year.

Quick running-related story before getting to my workouts from the week!

Every so often I get a facial and my esthetician used to be a runner. When I say used to be, I mean, she used to run all the time for years and train for races…until one day she decided she didn’t want to run anymore.

So she stopped. Just like that. And took up yoga.

Now, when she first told me this (well over a year ago) I did not understand and asked her a ton of questions. How do you go from running all the time  — to not? How and why would you choose to NOT run anymore?

How does this happen, and it would certainly never happen to me!

She explained it so matter of factly, so confident in her feeling of, “One day I just decided this isn’t what I want to do any longer so I won’t and that’s it.”

I understand now.

While I’m not saying that I feel this way about running (not at all!), what I am saying is, I can finally relate to how it can happen.

We grow. We change. What we once loved to do may not be what we love to do anymore. Or, we can still enjoy it but feel like it’s not what we should do as often.

I do still love to run but I’ve learned over the course of the last year (as you already know) that it’s not what I want/need to do as often or as much anymore.

What’s important to me is that I remain active. Active doesn’t always mean running. Especially in the winter! Gosh it’s cold out there.

I guess my point in sharing this story is to reinforce the fact that what we enjoy to do is allowed to change. As I watch the internet explode with runners choosing to increase their mileage rather than ever decrease, I think it’s important to remember you don’t have to do that too. At some point you may say, hey I don’t want to run as much. I’m tired. I need a break. I want to do something different. I am not getting the same results (mentally and/or physically) and something needs to change for me.  

And that’s perfectly okay. The world will not end. In fact, it may open up a whole new set of experiences for you.

Allow life to happen, change, adjust, shift and evolve, even if it means you run less.

So for this week, I ran three days. Three days (rather than four days) is probably my maximum for the winter weeks when I can’t get outside. I refuse to push myself to run on the treadmill more than three days a week and have learned that I really enjoy and benefit from other types of workouts.

And here’s my Red Mango parfait from Saturday just to break up all this text before getting to my workouts. 🙂

red mango

Monday – 45 Min Pure Barre

It was maybe 5 degrees outside which meant I was not even walking over to my gym — way too cold. Pure Barre On Demand did the trick for today!

Tuesday – 5 Miles (treadmill)

Overall this was a great, effortless treadmill run. Nothing formal about it, just ranged my speed up to 8.2. One issue — I HIT THE RED STOP BUTTON BY ACCIDENT with less than a mile to go. I kind of wanted to cry in that moment if you want to know the truth because the treadmill makes you stop completely and totally restart. Whatever, I got over it. But still! The worst.

Wednesday – In The Gym

I won’t run two days in a row on the treadmill so I mixed things up for today.

Here’s what I did:

  • 20 Min Elliptical
  • 10 Min Treadmill Incline Walking

Squats/Lunges/Free Weights Upper Body (didn’t spend a lot of time on this, just a few sets of each)

Here’s a picture of the gym in my community to remind you what it looks like.


Thursday – 30 Min Treadmill

More than 30 minutes was just not going to happen today, because I didn’t feel like it. However, these 30 minutes were total effort which to me, is what counts.

I finished right over 3.50 miles — nothing specific during the time but I alternated my inclines with speed throughout the workout but nothing set or specific to share. Side note: I always run on 1% incline. I’m fine at 2%, 3% is still comfortable but once I hit 4%, I’m working much harder.

Friday – 30 Min Pure Barre

Saturday – In The Gym

Good thing I woke up not interested in running because I misplaced my earbuds! Ugh, I did want to go to the gym so I had to do so without my music but it was okay. The gym had music on and no one was in there so it was relatively quiet.

Here’s what I did:

  • 10 min treadmill incline walking
  • 20 min elliptical
  • 10 min treadmill run (1.25 mile total)
  • 5 min walking on treadmill to cool down

Sunday – 5 Miles (outside!)

It felt nice to get outside with a new pair of earbuds. I let my pace fall where it wanted – no added effort beyond telling myself we are running today, not walking.

5 miles

How was your week in workouts? Did you run outside or inside? Or both?

Have you been running less than usual this winter?

How has your workout routine changed over the years? Do you run more or less?


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