A Few Recent Eats + Popular Recipe Right Now


No one wants to hear that I’m cold or that I despise getting up in the morning (I’ve concluded that I’m not a winter morning person) so I will skip right past my complaining (even though I totally just snuck it in here) and move on to a few recent meals.

I had this salad from Town Bagel a few days ago. Romaine, chick peas, roasted peppers, avocado, corn, and tomato. Honey mustard dressing on the side. Maybe there was cucumber in there too.

town bagel salad

My salad from the Cheesecake Factory was a regular share on the blog for so long but now I feel like I don’t go there quite as often as in the past. Why not? I don’t know. We were there over the weekend though. Had my usual.

bbq ranch salad

Plus Linda’s Fudge Cake. Isn’t this slice of cake giant? I don’t think it has been this giant in a long time! Would you believe I took half home? I know, this is so not like me but it’s becoming me – I think mainly because I run so much less. My appetite is nowhere near as fierce and my stomach can only hold so much.

linda's fudge cake

On Monday my son was off from school but I work from home so that’s always fun. I took him to the diner as a super late breakfast for him and lunch for me. It was SO COLD here that I warmed up nicely with coffee and this giant bowl of baked oatmeal. The Premier Diner has the best baked oatmeal there is, no question. The baked oatmeal is served with a side of warm milk which you pour on top of the oatmeal to really mush it all up. What’s in the baked oatmeal? Not 100% sure but it definitely has raisins, craisins, I think I noticed walnuts, maybe apples or pears? It’s all cooked in so it’s hard to tell and I’m pretty sure that it’s slightly different every time.

baked oatmeal

So. I’m definitely not as active on Pinterest anymore (who has time?) but my old pins are still circulating nicely. Like right now, my recipe for peanut butter and banana protein bites seems to be crazy popular (based on the clicks to my site) which makes me happy. It’s nice to know that the cooking and recipe creating I once did is still appreciated!

peanut butter & banana protein snack bites

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Are you still active on Pinterest like you were in the past?

Anyone still making snack bites and balls? Is it just me who stopped making them?


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  1. says

    You know I love your pizza and salad pictures but that baked oatmeal might be my new favorite. It looks amazing and more like a fruit crisp than oatmeal.

    I love when old recipes get traffic. Makes me happy too.

  2. Tracy says

    So funny that I just read this because I literally made 2 batches of peanut butter balls this afternoon- one for my husband and one for my kids – and spent tons of time on Pinterest looking for just the right recipes! We have NO good diners or delis near us (TooJays definitely doesn’t count!) and your pictures make me so jealous!

    • says

      I know I’m so spoiled here in terms of diners and delis! I definitely don’t take it for granted- I’m grateful. I am so surprised that Florida didn’t take on more diners and delis since most of south Florida comes from here! lol. My grandmother likes too jays!

  3. says

    I was just thinking about baked oatmeal the other day and seeing your photo makes me really want it now. I use pinterest to organize my recipes but not always to find new ones.