Where Did The Weekend Go?


Seriously, where did the weekend go?

Saturday for me was spent binge watching Say Yes To The Dress and the Islanders/Rangers game while I had the painters at my house (!!) painting a few rooms. Big deal over here because it took me FOREVER to narrow down my colors.

The Say Yes To The Dress theme carried over to Sunday as I worked the Bride Luxe show all day in the city.

Who remembers when I attended Bridal Fashion week at Kleinfeld? There’s a flashback for you!

The show yesterday wasn’t just about dresses, it was more a wide variety of high end wedding vendors featuring their products and services. I love this stuff!

My Florist friend Adam Leffel of Adam Leffel Productions (remember he did my aunt’s party recently?) created the most magnificent “instagrammable spot” at the show that even I took a picture under the flowers. EVERYONE was posing by his decor which really makes you realize that wedding decor now isn’t just about your table centerpieces, it’s about creating a spot for your guests to take their social media photos too.

Group picture here. That’s  my friend Rebecca who works with me at AllSeated plus Ron Ben-Israel (you may know him from Food Network and the LOVE party I attended at his cake studio last year!) and that’s Adam in there too.

You can always find me by the food.

These chocolates were to die for, I swear.

Kosher, vegan, organic, and gorgeous (made to match your event!) I need them for the next party I plan.

I wish I could share the link to the dress I am wearing but it isn’t available online at the moment. It may come back though so check this link if you are interested. The Bailey 44 items always come and go, and then sometimes come back again. EDITED TO ADD: Found the dress here!

You had to figure it was Bailey 44 since it’s all I wear these days!

I’m really not ready for Monday but nothing I can do about it — have a great week!




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