Salad Pizza + New Workout Clothes + Psychics (Friday Favorites)

I’ve got a few favorites from the week to chat about on this cold Friday!

Friday Favorites


The early part of this week was a real struggle which I attribute to 3 main things, neatly broken down by percentage (you like my percentage approach?) below:

50% PMS

35% Winter Mornings

15% Recovering From Last Week’s Speed Work

There’s only so much a girl can do under these conditions, you know?

If I have to pick a favorite workout from this week, I am going with Wednesday’s treadmill run. I made it 5 miles. When I say made it, I mean it.

5 miles

I was going to stop at 15 minutes. Then I said, just go to 2 miles. At 2 miles I said, you can make it to 3 miles. At 3 miles I said, go another 4 minutes (ranging the incline up to 4%) to make it a nice 30 minute run.

At 30 minutes though, I figured I should continue to 4 miles because I suddenly felt strong (because I swear that running inclines give you power!). And at 4 miles, I said hey! Just go to 5!

I’m not big on pushing myself and can only push myself when I know deep down that I have it in me. Like Monday? I got off the treadmill after ONE MINUTE because I knew it was not my day for a treadmill run.

On Wednesday though, I knew that the only thing working against me was my PMS – I wasn’t tired. My legs felt strong. So with 43 minutes, I was able to do this run with just a little bit of mental pushing — I was happy once I was done.


Well, the other day I told you I’m off veggie pizza. Now I’m here to tell you that I chose salad pizza yesterday and really enjoyed it. So maybe I can like cold slices of salad pizza in place of hot veggie pizza as if salad pizza isn’t a form of veggie pizza.

salad pizza


Oh, where to begin. I’m currently in this phase of wanting new workout clothes BUT everyone knows that I HATE to spend money on my workout clothes unless it’s totally necessary. Is it necessary? It might be. Not only are my Lulu pieces getting old, I think my style is changing.

This look really isn’t me anymore. As it shouldn’t be, it’s going to be 6 years since this picture was taken! While I still wear the top out of desperation (wore it this week actually), the pants need to go (got rid of them last night!) and honestly, I’m over all the color.

Not only am I over all the color, I want a different style.

fitness magazine meet and tweet

I want to go more basic. Black and white, a few new sports bras, a tank or two, maybe a new pair of pants. If anything, add a pop of pink. That’s it.

I’m weighing my options. I don’t run outside in the winter like I did so I’m not shopping for all the layers. I don’t run races like I did either, so I don’t need to think about my zippered pockets as much as in the past.

I’m looking at a few, basic Lulu things plus I want these Adidas three stripe leggings but they are cotton so I can’t run in them. And this cropped hoodie, I like this.  Going to try this sports bra on with the pants. And Splendid has a studio section that I’m going to check out too. I’ll keep you posted!

Favorite Find:

So this favorite find of mine goes way back — like five years back actually! Did you know I believe in psychics? Did you know that I basically have a psychic at my fingertips? I found her five years ago and she has always been so spot on that I have stayed in touch with her over the years, reaching out whenever I have a question (and when I say reaching out whenever, I seriously mean whenever. So far she hasn’t found me annoying and if she has, she hasn’t told me so).

She is the best and even does phone appointments. I like to even think she is my friend. I wonder if she thinks I’m her friend?!

If you are wondering how she can read you over the phone, she can.

Off the top of my head, there was the time when she told me I would hear from someone the very next day, someone I hadn’t spoken to in six or seven months. Sure enough, I truly did hear from this person the next day.

Then there was the time when she told me to keep my son away from a dog fair if I don’t want to get a dog. I’m like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? WHAT KIND OF DOG FAIR? I didn’t call to talk to her about dogs or to talk about my son. She said, I don’t know exactly but there will be a dog fair and if you aren’t careful, you are going to end up with a dog.

Fast forward six months from the conversation, when my community was holding A DOG FAIR where the local animal league set up shop for us to adopt dogs. I found out about it and kept my son out of the neighborhood so I didn’t have to succumb to a dog. Did you know I don’t want a dog and he so badly does? Yeah. It’s a battle. 

I figured I should mention my psychic friend just in case there’s anyone else out there who believes like I do. Some things just can’t be made up and although there may be scammers out there, she is so not one of them. I’ve sent a few friends to her who agree with me and one of my friends calls her regularly (and I mean regularly) from out of state.

Here’s her info. If you reach out, let her know I sent you. 🙂

Correct email is this:

Have a great weekend!!

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*I apologize if I missed a spelling error in this post. I did a blog update and lost some of my tools at the moment, including spell check! 

Are you in the market for new workout clothes? What are you looking for?

Anyone else believe in psychics and things like that?


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  1. says

    When I studied in Germany, one local place had a salad pizza with an arugula salad on top of it. Eight years later I still remember how delicious it was!
    I don’t need any new workout clothes now, but I did just get new leggings for both the gym (Under Armour Heat Gear) and outdoors (Athleta Contender). I probably should replace some sports bras soon though!

  2. Tracy says

    So interesting! For my mom’s birthday I actually bought her an appointment with an aura reader and she and my dad have both consulted with a well known medium out of Denver. She really comforted my mom about the passing of my grandfather and told her some things that no one could have known! Check out Sweaty Betty when they have their sales – also love the Gap fit tank tops for working out!