Picture Of My Pizza + Back To Panera + Isles Game


Remember on Monday when I said I needed my son to take the picture of my pizza because I left my phone in the car? Well, he finally sent the picture to me.

We were at La Piazza (the Plainview location for local readers) and they had a grandma pizza with vegetables so I had to try it. Honestly, I prefer the regular grandma pizza so I’m glad I got one of each. As much as I love vegetables and always enjoyed a good veggie slice, I definitely prefer the more basic types of pizza these days. Corner slices though will always be my favorite!

grandma pizza

In other food news, I worked from Panera yesterday which I haven’t done in well over a month. I was off avocado for a while there and I’m still not buying them for the house but I ordered the avocado on my salad yesterday and it was good. Maybe I just needed a break or something.


Out of nowhere I decided that I just wanted peanut butter and jelly last night before going to the Islanders game. Not a typical dinner for me at all, but it’s what I wanted so I had it. And, I had it on a Mickey Mouse plate because even though my son is 15, we still have some of his little kid plates in the house.


So went to the Islanders game last night. Yes, I am SO HAPPY that they are back to playing a lot of games at the Coliseum but weeknight games can kill me in the winter. I am SO TIRED later in the day probably because it gets dark so early. Once I get to the game I am fine and then I remember how grateful I am to not be in Brooklyn, to not need to take a train home from the game, and that once the game is over, we will be home in 20 minutes.

islanders game

I would have liked popcorn at the game last night. My only problem was, I couldn’t find it. Don’t ask. I know this makes no sense but I’m telling you, there are less concession stands than before and the hallway is more crowded than ever with lines that loop so long that you aren’t sure if people are waiting for the bathroom or food, and which food at that. I know the Coliseum has popcorn, I had it just last week at the Billy Joel concert BUT last night, I could not find it!

At least we weren’t in Brooklyn. That’s what I kept telling myself.

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Favorite type of pizza?

Are you exhausted in the winter by late afternoon like I am?!



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  1. says

    Peanut butter and jelly sometimes just really hits the spot for a quick meal. My favorite type of pizza right now is veggie also. I had one from a local place with broccoli, mushrooms, banana peppers, and other veggies and it was delicious.

  2. Sophia says

    I have been not feeling avocado at all lately (funnily enough also after a recent stomach flu ugh) But peanut butter sandwhiches have been hitting the spot, with honey for me (try it if you haven’t, I actually prefer it to jam)

    Just wanted to say I’ve been a mostly silent reader for ages, & truly love your blog 🙂 Keep posting lovely

    • says

      So glad to hear from you, I’m so happy you love the blog. Thanks for reading! I understand the food aversions for sure after a virus but can totally appreciate a good peanut butter sandwich. 🙂