Solid Week Of Workouts (Running & Pure Barre Weekly Recap)

I would absolutely call this week an extremely solid week of workouts!

3 challenging runs

1 easy run

2 days of Pure Barre

1 day off

I’m continuing to work on my speed and really enjoying the challenge while appreciating how nice it is to get in a quality workout without logging a ton of miles or time. Even though I’m now over a year into running less, I still recognize that I used to spend much more time on average for my workouts, running extra miles back then that I certainly don’t miss today. Quality over quantity, I swear it!!

One thing to note: I haven’t needed new running shoes since July. I was replacing my running shoes like every 3-4 months but with running less, I am burning through them at a much slower rate! It’s a beautiful thing for my wallet. 🙂

Adidas Solar Boost

From July 17 and still going strong!

Monday – 7 Miles

With time to run for an hour, I went with a total of 7 miles with a 5K workout in the middle. I want to keep working on my speed so I’ve been rereading Laura’s 5k posts and pulled a 3 x 2 workout for today.

Looked like this: 2 mile warm up + 5 rounds of 3 x 2 + 2 mile cool down. I went by effort rather than pace but I think my 3 minutes of effort were definitely in 5K range (not that we can tell exactly by these splits).

7 miles

Tuesday – Rest

Getting home after 2:00 AM after Billy Joel = In bed most of day. I’m not as young as I used to be.

Wednesday – 5 Miles treadmill (speed workout)

Oh boy. Still sweating from this one.

1 mile warm up + 4 miles of .50 mile fast/.25 mile recovery in between.

As usual, the first few rounds were fine but the last two were killer. I went as high as 8.6 and kept my recovery sections between 6.3-6.5 as Laura told me to me because slowing those sections more than I was on the treadmill in previous workouts like this would help me to go faster. She was right, of course.

This workout was 41 minutes I think.

Thursday – 45 Min Pure Barre

I think I had done this specific Pure Barre workout once before — hard but in a good way!

Friday – 45 Min Easy Run

Since I was planning to run easy, I figured I didn’t need to track the distance and pace so I ran by time. It was right below freezing outside and sort of not fun but 45 minutes went pretty quickly.

Saturday – 45 MIn Treadmill Hill Workout

I almost put my run off until tomorrow since it was raining until I decided to run a hill workout on the treadmill later on in the morning. I used to be completely unable of running at times later than my usual run time but I don’t seem to have that problem anymore.

I ran at 11:00 AM and was totally fine!

Hard to fully detail this workout but I ranged the incline from 1.0 (which is my standard incline for all treadmill runs) to 5.5 throughout the 45 minutes. Every minute I switched my incline up down, while also changing speed. At higher inclines I was at lower speed (6.7- 6.8) and lower inclines, higher speed (7.0-7.6).

5.2 miles = 45 minutes. Crazy good workout.

Sunday – Pure Barre

Probably a 30 minute Pure Barre on Demand workout for today!

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How was your week in workouts? Are you working on anything specific for 2019?

Are you due for new running shoes? Which pair(s) are you wearing these days?



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    Great week of workouts – you are pushing yourself hard on those 5K intervals! I just bought a new pair of Kinvaras, only to now see that the Kinvara 10s came out and they look so nice.