Off To Disney + Workouts From Week!

My workouts this week went really well and now the real workout begins — Disney World! Walking the parks is in no way an exercise vacation, and I always wear my sneakers to keep my feet comfortable. Follow me on Instagram to see what we are doing and eating in Disney World!

Monday – 5 Miles

I woke up with my period (yes, you needed to know that) so that combined with barely being to get out of bed (still tired from Saturday night’s party) made going for my run feel like a drag. BUT! It felt so good once I got outside that I squeezed in 5 miles even though I was a little short on time.

5 miles

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

This was a new 45 minute routine on Pure Barre On Demand and I loved it! I mentioned it actually in Thursday’s post.  I liked this routine so much that I plan to do it again on Friday.

pure barre on demand

Wednesday – 5 Miles

It was like 20 degrees but sunny with no wind so I chose to run outdoors. Within the first mile, I was warmed up enough to forget that it was so below freezing.  I would call this a fartlek run because I did speed up at various points but I didn’t track those intervals.

5 miles

Thursday – 5 Miles

I thought it would be warmer out but it was in the 20’s. First mile I was on the phone and then I jumped into fartleks again to keep things interesting.

5 miles

Friday – 45 Min Pure Barre

I did the same Pure Barre workout the other day and still love it!

Saturday – 4 Miles (treadmill workout/in the gym)

Well today turned out different from expected! My plan was to run outdoors without tracking anything other than time. I figured I would look at the time on my phone and just run.  If I wanted to keep going, I had this loose idea that I would run for 90 minutes.

NO ONE TOLD ME IT WAS STILL RAINING. Not even the news alerted me to this, which I had on all morning. Shoot. I quickly came home for my hooded jacket, thinking I could handle the rainy mist. Within 5 minutes, it was more than a mist, I was annoyed, and headed home to change for the gym. I had on my warmer pants for running outdoors so I couldn’t just run over to the gym for the treadmill — I needed to change again!

After a quick change, I ran over to my gym and switched mental gears. If I’m on the treadmill these days, it’s for shorter amounts of time in exchange for speed work. I made up a really fun and engaging 30 minute workout which I will share soon! I want to run it a few more times to get the sequence down for you!

After 4 miles (I added a minute cool down which brought me to 4 miles), I did weighted squats and lunges. I WAS DEAD AFTER THIS WORKOUT.

It really doesn’t matter to me that I originally planned to run for 90 minutes. These shorter, under one hour workouts are crazy effective — each type of workout serves a different purpose, you know?

Sunday – Off to Disney!

Chocolate-Covered Apples, here I come!!

chocolate covered apple

Wishing all who celebrate a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holidays. 🙂


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