Workouts From The Week (Love 30 Min Workouts!)

Just a quick recap of my workouts from the week! I’ll be back tomorrow (or Tuesday) to finally discuss last night’s big surprise party I had been planning with my cousins for my aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. The party was as detailed as a wedding (or Bar Mitzvah) planning process so I can’t wait to share all of our hard work! I’m assuming I have a few pictures up on Instagram by the time this post goes live and I’m praying we pulled off the surprise part. It’s not easy to keep a huge surprise party under wraps for so many months!

Monday – 30 Minute Treadmill Workout

Sometimes I wonder why anyone (including myself) bothers to run more than 30 minutes because if you make the time count, it’s really all you need. I made up the workout, alternating my speed every .10 or .20 (after a short warm up) – up at 8.1 when going fast and down at 7.0 for easier sections — crazy effective workout.

I really could have cooled down the extra minute to reach 4 miles but I didn’t bother since my plan was just a 30 minute workout, not a workout for distance.

Tuesday – 45 Min Pure Barre

It was nice not to leave the house and just get my Pure Barre workout done before having to leave for the city this morning. Toys for Tots donation day!

toy donation

Wednesday – 30 Minute Treadmill Workout (again!)

I drove my son to school which technically cut into my workout window but it wasn’t a problem since I was only planning to do 30 minutes on the treadmill anyway.

Don’t ever knock 30 minute runs, just saying again. They are especially the best during the week when you may be short on time!

My workout looked something like this:

5 min warm up at 6.8

8 times 2 min X 1 min – my fast sections ranged from 7.8 – 8.1 and then I would drop to 7.0 for the one minute before going back up again.

By the 20 minute mark, I was FEELING IT. Laura said next time I should drop my easy pace to more like 6.5 which makes total sense. My problem with the treadmill is that I like to move faster because otherwise, I feel like I’m not getting anywhere even when I’m trying to go slow. < – Does that resonate with anyone else?! I will definitely listen to her next time though because the slower recovery pace will help me to move faster for the next speed interval.

Thursday – OFF

I was leaving early for the city which worked out well because I needed a day off. The treadmill does something to my stride (what I don’t know, I just know my right leg felt tight or something like that) so it made sense not to bother squeezing in a workout before heading out the door.

Friday – 5 Miles

Normally I go with Pure Barre on a Friday but the temperature was at 40 degrees and it wasn’t raining so I figured I should run easy outdoors.

5 miles

Saturday – 55 Min Run

It was supposed to be raining this morning so in my head, I thought I would be going to the gym. It wasn’t raining when I got up but it looked dark and icky so I headed to the gym. Once in the gym, I felt stuffy and annoyed. I started on the elliptical (for 5 minutes) and really didn’t feel like it but also didn’t feel like the treadmill so I left the gym and decided to run outdoors.

With a quick clothing switch (needed a long sleeve shirt and running vest), I then headed out for a run because why not? It wasn’t raining and the temperate was like close to 50 degrees. My phone battery was a little low so I switched it to low battery to preserve it while running which I’ve learned will affect the tracking of Runkeeper so I chose to run without calculating my distance. I simply looked at the clock on my phone and decided to run until either 8:45 or 8:55.

It was like a breath of fresh air. I don’t know if it was because the weather was relatively warm or if it had anything to do with not paying attention to mile markers but I really enjoyed this run. I will assume I ran 6 miles but I really don’t know and it’s totally okay. This was probably the first run in a really long time where I could have seen myself going another hour — not that I was about to as I personally don’t see the benefit at this point but I had the familiar feeling of being willing and able.

Also! I wore my back up Saucony Ride shoes for the first time in a while. I’ve fallen out of the habit of rotating my running shoes since I run so much less.

saucony ride

^ Old picture, same running shoes.

Sunday – Rest

Need to recover from the late night at the party!

How was your week in workouts?

How often do you keep your workouts to 30 minutes – love it or hate it?

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